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I forgot the child lock code. How can I reinitialise the adapter?

You will need to do factory reset of the WLAN adapter to remove the child lock code.

Caution: factory resetting the WLAN adapter also clears all settings. You will need to setup the WLAN adapter again to match your preferences.

Settings that are reset:

  • Home network connection (WLAN settings)
  • Out-of-home account information
  • Child lock code
  • Schedule timers (including schedule function of demand control1)
  • Energy consumption data1
  • Unit name and icon

You can factory reset the adapter with following instructions:

On the WLAN adapter:

  1. Press both “Setup” and “Mode” buttons simultaneously till all LEDs are blinking.
  2. Release both buttons.
  3. Press the “Setup” button shortly: all LEDs will start to blink quickly.
  4. Wait till the “Power” LED is continuously lit. The adapter has been reset successfully.

After the above procedure, you can access the WLAN adapter settings again with your smartphone and set a new child lock code.



Only if the unit supports this function

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