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Ambition - Mission and goals of our initiative


Quality and passion

Home Comfort Expert (HCE) is Daikin’s first-rate label for climate control solutions.

It is a pioneer initiative addressing only residential end consumers in Central and Eastern Europe. We put in all our passion and all our experience for this distinct partner program as the residential market has some specific characteristics.

Our program stands for different values: It is our absolute mission to offer high-quality products and reliable services for consumers on the residential market.

Therefore, Home Comfort Expert is not just a logo or a sign, it is a quality seal which consumers can trust and which puts Daikin and the partner in a unique position.

Overcome challenges as a team

Overcome challenges as a team

The program builds a close link between Daikin and selected AC and heating installers. Together we exploit the growth potential on the residential market. One will hardly find another brand that provides such strong, trusting partnerships and such reliable solutions:

Daikin contributes special support and training; the partners offer better services and better products to end consumers.

We started the program in the heart of Europe and it turned out to be a huge success right from the

start. End consumers value best services and best products – and we deliver the right solutions for this need.


Higher sales, higher profits

The figures of our first Home Comfort Experts proved that we were on the right track and encouraged us to extend our program, which we did with even more success.

Today more than 200 partners in 14 countries in the CEE region are part of the program. Many of them experience incredible growth rates after they turn to Home Comfort Experts

Today Home Comfort Experts already sell 70 % of the split sets in the CEE region.

What we laborated in this area can also guide the road to success in other countries!

Benefit together - The value for partners

Fetching perspectives

The Home Comfort Expert program is designed for installers, who would like to differentiate their offer, increase their profitability and expand into new markets.

Once accepted into the program, our partners are entitled to a wide range of benefits which spur new growth and strengthen the relationship with consumers.

We assist our Home Comfort Experts with the best support we can provide: We offer training to further improve technical qualifications and management skills. Furthermore, we provide substantial marketing and professional support, which facilitates a successful outward presentation of showrooms, cars, stationary and much more. Partners can also rely on first-rate packages concerning products and prices.

Bringing it to the point: We build strong partnerships with clarified relations. Home Comfort Experts are the key part of Daikin’s sales force and our primary route to the market. Therefore, our partners can rely on firsthand information, we always have our ears open for their concerns and we try to do our utmost for their support. We are convinced that a trustful partnership is the hub which leads to growth and prosperity for partners and Daikin alike. Together we build a unique network which sets new standards in the residential business.

6 benefits for our partners

Taken all together, our Home Comfort Experts can rely on six striking benefits:

  1. Strong information channels and preferred treatment
  2. Marketing concept and support, professional support and service
  3. Good product and price packages
  4. Strong and trustful partnership
  5. Clarified relationships
  6. Higher sales

Upgrading with our bonus list

The six benefits are valid for all of our Home Comfort Experts. Partners who would like to gain access to even more advantages can take part in our bonus scheme and become HCE Premium partners. They have to fulfil more requirements, but they can collect bonus points which make special benefits available to them.

Depending on their total number of bonus points, they can achieve a certain tier – silver, gold or platinum – in our bonus scheme. The status is fixed for 1 year and will be evaluated after each period. A higher level means more benefits for the HCE Premium partner.


We have asked some of our Home Comforts Experts what they see as the primary benefit and advantages of our program. Here you can find what they have told us.


“The Home Comfort Expert program is very professional and structured. It is the first time in Daikin history that recommended end consumer prices are shown on the market, which is very valuable to all of us.”

Vladimir Venkov

Managing Director, MMC Ink., Bulgaria 

“The Home Comfort Expert program helps partners to grow even faster. On the market, there is a need to bring the Daikin brand to a higher level and with this program we will be able to achieve it.”

Miha Glavič, MBA

Managing Director, E2E d.o.o., Slovenia

“The Home Comfort Expert program moves us forward with each unit sold.
It helps our company to grow and expand, and it also supported us in building our showroom.”

Marek Žiačik, Marek Mihály

Owners of M-M KLIMA, Slovakia

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