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Equipment remote monitoring

Connected air conditioning works smarter. We offer several ways to manage your products and installations remotely. From performance monitoring to predictive logic and analyses and more, our Intelligent Network is a cost-efficient way to increase the security, uptime and reliability of your installation.


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  • Analytics

    Data is our raw material, and data analytics is our product. The continuous monitoring and analysis of a system’s operating data is not only the key to ensuring efficient operation, cutting operating and maintenance costs and optimizing user comfort. Data analysis also provides further valuable and often surprising insights.

  • Hassle-free connection

    We know that connecting a system to the cloud can often be a real challenge – but that‘s no longer your problem. We’ll take care of the connection, including the mobile network and the router, both of which are remotely monitored to maximize infrastructure reliability.

  • Daikin Cloud Service

    Our web-based service provides reliable and secure remote monitoring. Our top priority is to earn your trust. Daikin Cloud Service meets the highest security standards in all respects – safeguarding your data privacy as well as transporting and storing your data securely at all times. 
    Further information on Daikin Cloud Serice (for DX)
    Further information on Daikin On Site (chillers and air handling units)

The benefits of remote monitoring

Discover the advantages of using our remote monitoring services.

  • Remote control

    Daikin Cloud Service is a web-based remote monitoring and control solution for HVAC systems that can even manage the energy consumption of several buildings at once. There’s no need to install any special software. Everything is accessible using a standard browser, whether via a computer or a mobile device.

  • No potential problem goes unnoticed

    What’s more, Daikin Cloud Service provides automatic notification if it detects a possible malfunction. This unique predictive notification feature enables service measures to be initiated even before the user notices that a problem has arisen – thus maximizing reliability and minimizing service costs.

  • Maximum performance

    The performance of even the best system can be impaired if it is not properly operated. Continuous monitoring allows load profiles, usage patterns and operating conditions to be closely followed. The data obtained is the basis for optimizing a system‘s operation and maintenance as well as its return on investment.

Spotlight on real-life examples

As the following cases show, customers reap concrete advantages from continuous monitoring and data analysis:

Energy consumption slashed by 20 percent

Based on an analysis of energy consumption data for the customer‘s variable refrigerant flow (VRV) air conditioning system, we made recommendations for optimizing usage patterns. The result: a 20-percent reduction in electricity costs for cooling.

Excess refrigeration capacity of 40 percent uncovered

The long-term monitoring of a Conveni-Pack refrigeration and cooling system revealed that refrigeration capacity was 40 percent higher than needed. The customer subsequently reduced the number of installed devices, thus cutting investment costs.

Outlet temperature increased by 30 percent

By analyzing the customer’s operating data, we were able to identify potential for improving user comfort and, based on our results, to implement comfort-enhancing measures.

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