Service Academy

Daikin Service Academy

State of the art training concept to support your business 

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Goals & Objectives

With the Daikin Service Academy we want to offer a uniform European learning program for service technicians (internal & external) to become the best of the best.
  • Ensure that our partners have skilled labour available
  • Enable and deliver high quality Service to our end users
  • Enhance performance and efficiency, using less time for service interventions
  • Improve quality and hence customer satisfaction on site
  • Foster career paths to keep service technicians in the HVAC-R industry
  • Offer trainings in local language wherever possible

Our learning model

lerning model

The Daikin Service Academy offers individual learning paths covering all service cases for Daikin products.
Our goal is to help you delivering better Service on site and therefore grow your business.

Our training packages cover following areas:

- Installation & Pre-Commissioning
- Commissioning
- Maintenance
- Troubleshooting & Repair
- Application & Design

With our modern and effective approach towards Learning & Development we enhance the performance of our participants.
Our learning paths are designed along the actual use cases service technicians perform on site, for example the installation of a certain product.

The training modules support our practical approach based on solid theoretical know-how.
This is achieved by applying the 70/20/10 learning model. The numbers represent how people usually learn best:

  • 70% by solving practical problems encountered in everyday work,
  • 20% by social interaction with team members or leaders
  • 10% by theoretical input through, for example classroom trainings.

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