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DAIKIN introduces its most efficient, quiet and compact air handling unit

Brunn am Gebirge, October 2014: Daikin has introduced a new compact D-AHU ‘plug and play’ air handling unit which uses heat recovery to further improve efficiency. The new model completes Daikin’s range of highly efficient, quiet and intelligently-controlled air handling solutions for offices, schools and colleges, hotels and leisure centres.

The new unit, the latest addition to Daikin’s D-AHU series, can be used to control temperature, humidity and air quality in a building, with the added benefit of being able to recover precious energy from the exhaust air stream that would otherwise be lost and re-using it to heat intake air, improving energy efficiency.

The Compact series (with air flow from 500 to 25,000m3/h) can be used with Daikin chillers, inverter condensing units and VRV systems, along with fan coil units or DX units. The AHU’s pre-defined sizes allow fast and easy specification – using Daikin software or the digital catalogue – to meet space requirements and deliver the most efficient solution for end-users.

All models feature Daikin’s unique ‘plug and play’ controls. These allow the desired air flow and time settings to be pre-programmed into the user-friendly controller before shipping. This speeds up commissioning, with the unit simply connected to the power supply and switched on, so end-users can get the benefits of their new system almost immediately.

The factory-fitted electrical control panel uses in-built temperature, humidity and CO2 sensors to control mixing dampers, heat recovery wheels, water valves, pressure switches for filters and fans, fan motors, inverters and DX expansion valves. It is designed for easy upgrading, should customer demands change.

The Daikin’s intelligent integrated controller gives end-users a higher degree of control than ever before, with a wide range of user-defined settings giving excellent operational flexibility. The Daikin controller is linked to the air handling unit’s highly efficient EC fans, managing and displaying real time information about unit operating data such as air flow, temperatures and CO2 levels. It can also control communication with the energy-efficient Daikin inverter DX condensing units such as ERQ and VRV IV (for single or multiple refrigerant circuits). A number of standard energy-saving modes are available, including free cooling at night or for unoccupied rooms for example, all fully controlled by the highly flexible time scheduler.

Last, but not least, the new Compact range is fully compatible with the Daikin intelligent Touch Manager (iTM). A specific user-friendly interface enables the display and control of various set points, including supply, return or room temperature, to deliver more energy-efficient climate control. Daikin’s innovative iTM, which acts as a mini building management system, is key to efficient monitoring and control of all Daikin equipment, including the D-AHU, as well as other third party systems.

The compact D-AHU range will be at the heart of any effective climate control solution. These highly efficient and flexible units are an excellent way for end-users to dramatically improve energy efficiency, lower CO2 emissions and save on energy bills, without compromising on comfort.


Press Contact: 
Daikin Airconditioning Central Europe HandelsgmbH  
Mag. Alexander Dalinger  
A-2345 Brunn am Gebirge, campus 21, Europaring F12/402  
+43 (0)2236 32557 / 


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