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DAIKIN´s VRV celebrates first successful year

Brunn am Gebirge, September 2014. The latest generation of Daikin’s pioneering VRV heat pump has proved as popular as previous models, with thousands of new systems installed across Europe!

VRV IV was developed by Daikin Europe N.V.’s European Development Centre (EDC) in Ostend, Belgium. It is designed to meet the specific requirements of European buildings, for every possible climatic condition in Europe, as well as complying with the latest environmental legislation on energy-using products.

Its great success in penetrating European markets can be explained by three major enhancements to the already industry-leading system: Variable Refrigerant Temperature technology; Continuous Heating during defrost and the VRV configurator, for simplified commissioning and servicing.

The unique Variable Refrigerant Temperature technology allows VRV IV heat pumps to respond to heating or cooling requirements by continually monitoring the required capacity and weather conditions. This automatic adjustment means the system only uses the power required to meet the load, resulting in 28% less energy being consumed and a drop in CO2 emissions of 28%, compared with previous generations of VRV. 

The benefits of this innovative feature were demonstrated during a trial of VRV IV at a branch of a German fashion retailer in Unterhaching, near Munich, Germany, in 2013. The store’s climate control was originally provided by a 20HP VRVIII system, comprising two outdoor units. These were replaced by a single 18HP VRV IV unit, with the rest of the system retained. The trial showed that the VRV IV system consumed up to 60% less energy in cooling and 20% less energy in heating, compared with the VRV III system – without compromising on comfort.

Another of VRV IV’s technical innovations, Continuous Heating during defrost, is also proving popular, as it allows VRV IV to maintain a comfortable indoor climate all year round, for the first time in the history of air-to-air heat pumps. Heat energy is stored in a unique heat accumulation element inside the outdoor unit and this energy is used during the defrost cycle to avoid a drop in indoor temperatures. It also means 100% of the heating capacity available all of the time, as the pipework and indoor units do not act as evaporators and their temperature is maintained.

Continuous Heating during defrost was a key reason why French construction and engineering company Eiffage Group chose a VRV IV system for its newly refurbished offices in Toulouse last year. While Toulouse has a Mediterranean climate, temperatures can fall to near freezing during the winter. Ensuring occupants are comfortable at all times is therefore important to Eiffage, which also plans to sub-let part of the building to other companies. 

Eiffage Energy Thermie installed the system between June and September 2013. It comprises six VRV IV outdoor units connected to 62 of Daikin’s fully flat cassettes and four wall mounted units, serving both open plan and individual offices, with independent control of different parts of the building. The result is a modern, comfortable working environment, which is also saving money on energy bills and reducing CO2 emissions.

The last of VRV IV’s innovations is the VRV configurator. This allows the remote configuration of settings that can be used at multiple sites, so less time is required configuring outdoor units. Ongoing maintenance is easier too, thanks to a graphical interface that allows engineers to evaluate operational data and errors.

Daikin has been continuously setting the standard for climate control since it first introduced VRV technology in 1982. Innovations, such as inverter controlled compressors and heat recovery, have improved efficiency and comfort and made VRV one of the most commonly-specified systems for commercial buildings in Europe: about 40% of the VRF systems installed in Europe are Daikin VRV systems.


With an ESEER of up to 7.53 in cooling mode, VRV IV is one of the most efficient commercial climate control solutions available today and is sure to be the system of choice for many years to come.


Press Contact: 
Daikin Airconditioning Central Europe HandelsgmbH  
Mag. Alexander Dalinger  
A-2345 Brunn am Gebirge, campus 21, Europaring F12/402  
+43 (0)2236 32557 / 


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