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DAIKIN’s intelligent Touch Manager (iTM): The mini building management system

Brunn am Gebirge, August 2014_Daikin’s new version of intelligent Touch Manager (iTM) is allowing Daikin’s portfolio of energy-efficient HVAC-R equipment and third party systems, to be managed by a single, user-friendly and intuitive touch screen controller.

Now, along with climate control and hot water production, iTM is able to connect directly to Daikin air handling units and inverter chillers, as well as refrigeration equipment. The addition of BACnet protocol, as well as WAGO I/O, means iTM can now also be connected to more third party systems than ever before, making it a truly performant solution as a mini building management system.

iTM can help lower energy consumption and CO2 emissions through smart energy management, by interlocking climate control, lighting, security and other building systems to minimise energy waste, without compromising on occupant comfort. Furthermore, the Energy Navigation option assists in keeping energy consumption below the annual target and allows the user to identify the origin of energy waste.

iTM is modular, allowing an almost unlimited number of different items of equipment to be integrated. This means it can be scaled to fit the needs of any building – large or small.

For example, in a hotel, an iTM can control the air curtain at the entrance; a VRV IV heat recovery system for the guest rooms; a Daikin Altherma Flex Type system for hot water; air handling units for high indoor air quality and comfort; underfloor heating in reception areas and refrigeration in the kitchens.

This equipment can be integrated with keycard systems and sensors to detect room occupancy so that the setpoint can be adjusted automatically, or air conditioning switched off in unoccupied rooms. The system can also be interlocked with fire alarms, so it can perform an emergency shutdown of air conditioning and ventilation units in the case of an emergency.

iTM’s touch screen provides a simple and intuitive interface for users. System schedules can be set on a weekly, monthly and annual basis and can take into account holidays and seasonal variations in demand, ensuring the system is being operated in the most energy-efficient way. Users can also monitor energy consumption using the Daikin Energy Navigator.

All of the system functions are directly accessible over the internet, allowing users to control one or multiple building systems remotely, using the same visual layout as the iTM.

iTM also has a host of features to help engineers when servicing and commissioning equipment. The pre-commissioning tool allows the entire system to be set up via the iTM. Alternatively, engineers can customise settings remotely and then upload them in one site visit. To fulfill the requirement of the F-Gas regulation, a leak check function is available on the iTM for remote activation of via schedule. The iTM also displays maintenance contact information, including contractors’ contact details, and can send email alerts to report malfunctions, allowing immediate action to be taken. The iTM can be connected to Daikin’s own Air Conditioning Network Service System if required.

iTM – the affordable mini building management system

With the addition of connectivity to inverter chillers, refrigeration systems, Daikin Altherma Flex type heating system and wider compatibility with third party equipment, Daikin’s intelligent Touch Manager has become the solution to total building smart energy management. By choosing iTM, organisations are benefitting from high efficiency, saving on operational and maintenance costs and lowering their CO2 emissions, without compromising on comfort.


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