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DAIKIN launches two new R32 Split air conditioning systems

Brunn am Gebirge, May 2015 _ DAIKIN enlarges the company’s portfolio of split air conditioning systems using the R32 refrigerant by the launch of two new wall-mounted series: the new DAIKIN Emura R32 and the new DAIKIN FTXM R32. They are the consistent next step of the air conditioning manufacturer’s strategy to use sustainable refrigerants with a low GWP because of the lower environmental impact. DAIKIN’s Ururu Sarara, introduced as early as fall 2013, was the first air to air heat pump in the European Market using R32. With a low GWP of a mere 625 of their refrigerant all three R32 models already meet the specifications of the new 2025 F-Gas Regulation, which does not allow F-gases with a GWP higher than 750 in split systems with a refrigerant volume of up to 3 kilograms.

Extension of the DAIKIN R32-Range

The modern and elegant designs of the two wall mounted units smartly match every type of interior design. Evidence of this give the many awards DAIKIN Emura has already received for its modern design, with the latest being the iF DESIGN AWARD 2015. Energy saving functions such as the weekly timer ensure a high seasonal efficiency and whisper-quiet operation of both systems, so that the wall mounted units can also be installed in noise-sensitive environments such as bedrooms. The “Intelligent Eye” movement sensor for two different room sections guarantees draught-free air conditioning as the airflow is always directed to room sections where no human movement is monitored. If no human presence is registered the devices automatically switch into economy mode. Their integrated Wi-Fi online controller allows for easy operation via smart phone or tablet from any location.

In Japan DAIKIN has been the first manufacturer to release a complete R32 split system portfolio. In the company’s home market several million devices have already been installed, proofing that the systems are not only technologically mature but also convince customers by their superb performance.

High room comfort combined with a low environmental impact

DAIKIN aims at developing energy efficient products and systems that combine very high comfort with the lowest environmental impact. The refrigerant used in the devices plays a crucial role for achieving this target. One main criterion for the evaluation of a refrigerant is its Global Warming Potential GWP. R32 has a GWP of 675, which is 68 per cent less than that of R410A. As the filling amount needed for systems using R32 is about 30 per cent lower than when using R410A, the quantitative GWP of R32 is actually as low as 472. The fact that R32 is a single component adds to its advantages: It doesn‘t need to be mixed with other refrigerants and therefore is much easier to recycle and reutilise. For the same performance pressure losses are lower with R32 than with R410A. In addition, the density of R32 is 10 per cent lower than that of R410A, which means that pipeline diameters can be smaller.


Press Contact:
Daikin Airconditioning Central Europe HandelsgmbH
Mag. Alexander Dalinger
A-2345 Brunn am Gebirge, campus 21, Europaring F12/402
+43 (0)2236 32557-144 /


About Daikin Europe N.V.

DAIKIN Europe N.V. is a major European producer of air conditioners, heat pumps and refrigeration equipment, with approximately 5,500 employees throughout Europe and 10 major manufacturing facilities based in Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Turkey and the UK.

Globally, DAIKIN is renowned for its pioneering approach to product development and the unrivalled quality and versatility of its integrated solutions. With more than 90 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of heating and cooling technologies, DAIKIN is a market leader in heat pump technology. 

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