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DAIKIN’s new ‘invisible’ climate control solution proves a winner in cities throughout Europe

Brunn am Gebirge, January 2016 _ Just a few months after its launch, DAIKIN’s new VRV IV i-series is attracting substantial interest from installers and building owners looking for a discreet, yet energy efficient air conditioning solution. This unique VRV outdoor unit for indoor use was developed by DAIKIN specifically for city and urban locations where building aesthetics need to be maintained and is proving to be the right concept.

Designed to comply with even the most stringent planning permissions and noise regulations, the VRV IV i-series offers installers unparalleled freedom in configuration. Its unique split concept, super-compact dimensions and light weight makes it easy to handle, cost effective to install and invisible, while offering the full functionality of a VRV system, at the highest seasonal efficiency on the market. With a number of systems already installed and many more project in the pipeline, the new VRV IV i-series is emerging as the new VRV solution of choice in cities across Europe.

‘Invisible’ appearance satisfies regulatory requirements

The new system has been greeted with enthusiasm in the Spanish centers of Madrid and Bilbao, where building regulations are particularly rigorous, setting the bar high for specifier expectations. The system’s unique split concept with a separate compressor and heat exchanger allows the VRV IV i-series to be installed discretely indoors with the heat exchanger unit showing only the grilles from the outside. In addition to the two-part outdoor unit, high static pressure and compact size, the full connectivity with ventilation units and air curtains offered makes the VRV IV i-series an extremely efficient solution.

In the UK, city dwellers in London are also taking advantage of the compact dimensions of the system for residential use, where planning regulations would make normal condensing units very difficult to install and residential cooling impossible without the application of the new VRV IV i-series.

Lack of floor space and proximity to neighbouring residential areas led to the system being chosen for a city centre bank in France, fulfilling the requirements for split unit flexibility, low height and quiet operation.

Design benefits

Indoor installation of the VRV IV i-series at an Italian bank in the city centre of Naples has not only provided a far more economical solution than conventional outdoor units, which would otherwise have required expensive acoustic treatment, but has also enabled the preservation of the historical building’s facade. With limited available space in the IT and technical area, the small footprint of the VRV i-series was also an important consideration.

A medical practice in Belgium has also benefitted from the unobtrusive appearance of the VRV IV i-series.. Despite having no technical room inside to house it, the building has achieved efficient heating and cooling that is integrated into the style of the building. By connecting it tothe unique design fully flat cassette range, also on the inside the air conditioning blends in perfectly.

Fast track installation

The two-part design and easy system handling reduces the need for specialist equipment to lift plant into place, making the process both quicker and more cost-effective while enabling new premises to be fast-tracked. Together with a shorter pipe-run requirement (as the outdoor and indoor units can be very close to each other), the new system ensures installation costs are kept to a minimum and cause no disruption to neighbouring buildings.

Also for high rise the VRV IV i-series has already proven a solution. For a Tower in central Warsaw the installation of 24 VRV IV i-series systems will enable the harder to reach middle parts of the building to be accessed easily, while ensuring the outlook of the building remained unchanged, also a vital factor in system choice.

Vital statistics

The lightweight and extremely compact compressor unit uses only 600x550mm of floor-space and weighs just 77 kg. With a very low operating sound of 47dBA, it is designed to fit unobtrusively into small spaces such as a back office, technical areas, storage rooms or kitchen cupboards.

The second part, of the unit, the compact heat exchanger, which is less than 400mm high weighing 97 kg, allows it to be contained in false ceiling spaces. This conceals the entire air conditioning system, avoiding take up of expensive commercial floor space. The ESP of the VRV IV i-series inverter fan can easily be adapted to the specific duct length and layout at the required location, making both façade and ducted installation to the front or rear of the building possible.

Innovating for the future

Developed by DAIKIN Europe’s Development Centre in Ostend, DAIKIN’s latest innovation has been designed in response to specifier requirements for a solution that overcomes the barriers of building energy efficiency in city centre locations.

The new VRIV i-Series innovation is already providing efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly climate control for urban buildings that were previously unable to take advantage of advances in HVAC technology, with new applications continuing to emerge as specifiers explore the scope of yet another DAIKIN ‘first’.



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About DAIKIN Europe N.V.

DAIKIN Europe N.V. is a major European producer of air conditioners, heat pumps and refrigeration equipment, with approximately 5,500 employees throughout Europe and 10 major manufacturing facilities based in Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Turkey and the UK.

Globally, DAIKIN is renowned for its pioneering approach to product development and the unrivalled quality and versatility of its integrated solutions. With more than 90 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of heating and cooling technologies, DAIKIN is a market leader in heat pump technology.

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