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New VAM-FC ventilation series eco design compliant

Brunn am Gebirge, January 2016 _ Under new EU Ecodesign regulations (EU1253/4 - 2014), which came into force in January 2016, all ventilation systems without active cooling or heating are required to conform to minimum energy performance and labelling standards, aimed at phasing out all inefficient systems and increasing the efficiency of energy-related products.

Ahead of the new legislation, DAIKIN has announced the launch of its new FC series which is fully compliant with EU1253/4 - 2014. The addition of the new FC series compliments the range of ventilation systems taking advantage of the newest technologies.

Ideal for commercial building applications, the new mechanical ventilation units use heat recovery technology to maximise energy efficiency, recovering up to 80% of the heat energy is from outgoing air, which is re-used to bring incoming fresh air to room temperature using a minimum of energy.

Research into office air quality by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health found people who work in well-ventilated offices with below-average levels of indoor pollutants and carbon dioxide (CO2) have significantly higher cognitive functioning scores—in crucial areas such as responding to a crisis or developing strategy.

Even more efficient

DAIKIN’s HRV (Heat Reclaim Ventilation) VAM is a complete energy-efficient solution which automatically balances between inside and outside temperatures and humidity levels to create a clean, comfortable indoor environment with reduced running costs.

The new FC series model features an efficient DC fan motor, with considerably reduced fan power requirements. A new heat exchanger provides a greater heat exchange capacity with less power consumption due to reduced pressure loss over the heat exchanger, resulting in improved energy efficiency and lower running costs.

One of the strengths of DAIKIN VAM units compared to other systems available on the market, is the use of both latent and sensible heat, which improves the efficiency of the heat transfer process. This maintains temperatures at a comfortable level with minimal fluctuations while reducing heat loss, resulting in significantly lower running costs. The unique High Efficiency Paper used in the VAM units ensures heat exchange efficiency up to 80%, lowering the load on air conditioning systems and significantly reducing energy costs.


Free cooling

Further energy savings are achieved through a night-time free cooling mode when air conditioning systems are switched off. Activated by an integrated control system when outside temperatures fall below internal temperatures, the system replaces hot inside air with colder, fresh air from outside to cool down the internal environment virtually for free. By reducing the cooling load next morning when air conditioning systems are switched back on, daily running costs are reduced.

Optimised for the commercial market

Every space is different and often the final ductwork differs from the plan used for initial product selection. DAIKIN VAM units automatically select the appropriate fan curves to maintain an optimal supply of fresh air, creating a comfortable environment and eliminating cold spots due to draughts while saving energy. The VAM is perfect for multi-tenant offices given its incredible flexibility in terms of installation time and costs.

Optional CO2 sensors

Over-ventilation can also be avoided by the installation of an optional CO2 sensor, which modulates the fans when there is enough fresh air in the room, ensuring the correct amount of oxygen and saving energy. The sensors are particularly effective where usage fluctuates appreciably over a 24 hour period, with unpredictable peaks: for example in meeting rooms, shopping areas, schools, bars and clubs.

Compliance with new data and labelling requirements

Ventilation units will be categorised according to their air handling capacity as either residential ventilation units (≤250m³/h) or non-residential ventilation units (> 250m³/h). Energy labels will be required to be visible for individual residential ventilation products displayed in showrooms, at tradeshows, in literature and when sold to customers. For both residential and non-residential ventilation units, the data complying with EN308 has to be published on a free access website.

One stop shop

Daikin VAM units not only meet new EU legislation, but provide healthy, temperate indoor environments, while consuming very little power. When integrating the VAM in a Sky Air or VRV air conditioning system Daikin offers a total solution for your building. 

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About DAIKIN Europe N.V.

DAIKIN Europe N.V. is a major European producer of air conditioners, heat pumps and refrigeration equipment, with approximately 5,500 employees throughout Europe and 10 major manufacturing facilities based in Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Turkey and the UK.

Globally, DAIKIN is renowned for its pioneering approach to product development and the unrivalled quality and versatility of its integrated solutions. With more than 90 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of heating and cooling technologies, DAIKIN is a market leader in heat pump technology.


About DAIKIN’s ventilation range

DAIKIN are renowned for their reliability, quality of build and innovation within the air conditioning industry. From 150 to more than 140,000 m³/h, the DAIKIN ventilation range offers a solution for every commercial space.

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