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DAIKIN online controller offers on-demand home comfort from a distance - New gateway to give homeowners heating control convenience

DAIKIN Online Controller gives householders the freedom to manage their home heating and cooling systems from anywhere, offering optimal climate control, while saving energy. From Summer 2017, users will be able to control, scheduling and monitor space heating and domestic hot water preparation, remotely via a gateway.

A connectable product solution

The manufacturer’s newest connectable product solution gives homeowners the ability to remotely control its DAIKIN Altherma heat pump range and the possibility to connect to smart grid or photovoltaic solar panels. This system allows the use of solar energy for the full operation of the heat pump and DAIKIN’s supremely compact wall mounted gas condensing boiler, to minimise energy consumption and save on running costs.


The adapter, which is available in two versions, will act as a gateway between the DAIKIN smartphone app and the full range of DAIKIN Altherma units including the LT split, Monobloc, Ground Source Heat Pump and Hybrid Heat Pump systems and the Hybrid heat Pump + Multi system. With the capability to control single or multiple units, the new adapter will allow residents to monitor the status of domestic heating and hot water, select the operation mode and temperature and forward- schedule settings. 

The new adapter also allows users to connect their unit to a Smart Grid or Photovoltaic panels. This function maximises the self-consumption of power generated by Photovoltaics within the thermal buffer. (e.g. Domestic hot water tank, space heating / cooling set temperature)


The adapter itself is a simple wall mounted SMART box. Once connected it chooses the best operation mode depending on the status of PV power generation and energy injection to the grid, to maximise self-consumption of power that the PV panels generate and minimise the power injection to the grid. The alternative connection to a Smart Grid, allows the unit to be controlled via an external signal. 

With this aim, four operation modes are available:

  1. “Free running” mode - The unit operates according to its owner settings and schedule.
  2. “Forced OFF” mode - The operation of outdoor unit and electrical heater is deactivated to reduce power consumption in case of high energy tariff.
  3. “Recommended ON” mode - The Unit starts domestic hot water, space heating or cooling to make use of photovoltaic energy. The power consumption by the unit has fix value set via the web interface by installers if consumption exceeds the limitation or, the recommended auto-adaptive limitation, where Power limitation is automatically set based on measured power injection to the grid, and compressor output and/or electrical heaters are adjusted. The limitation is set to maximize the usage of PV and minimize power injection to the grid.
  4. “Forced ON” mode - A Unit starts domestic hot water, space heating or cooling to make MAXIMUM use of PV energy. The power consumption by the unit has no limitation.


Configuration can be made through the web interface on installation of the following:

  • Static IP address setting (if necessary)
  • Parameter setting of PV / Smart Grid Connection
  • Selection of buffering (Domestic hot water and space heating/cooling OR only domestic hot water)
  • Activating of back-up heater and booster heater for buffering
  • Power Limitation Setting
  • Pulse Setting (in case an electric meter is connected for auto-adaptive limitation)


Plug & Play connectivity

For ease of installation, connection to the Ethernet can be made without opening the casing. ‘Knockout holes’ simplify wiring and provide cable strain relief to safeguard connections and ensure reliability in operation.

Monitor and manage settings

With remote control on multiple sites, the app’s dashboard allows users to track the unit’s status and domestic hot water tank temperature using intuitive settings, and to monitor energy consumption. The system is also IFTTT compatible which allows connection with third party smart equipment (eg. Thermostats and lights) 

The latest smart control innovation from DAIKIN offers householders control from anywhere, anytime which fits in their lifestyle. 

The online app is available from June 2017 through Apple App store and Google Play.

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