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Heating redesigned - DAIKIN’s first full range of condensing boilers are smaller, faster and simpler

The DAIKIN group is to launch a new generation of condensing boilers incorporating DAIKIN’s innovative product development principles. The new range of three boilers offer householders even more compact, efficient heating and hot water, using gas, solar and oil energy sources from this summer.

Wall mounted gas condensing boiler D2CND: Supremely compact

As the first gas-fired condensing wall mounted unit developed by a manufacturer, the DAIKIN Group’s D2CND, allows easier retrofit of combi-boilers in homes seeking a greater level of energy efficiency.

Incorporating DAIKIN’s signature stylish, low carbon design, the fully automatic, gas adaptive Lambda-Gx combustion system has a fully electronic gas-air connection. This allows automatic adoption of different gas types, ensuring maximum efficiency in every performance range.

Weighing just 27 kilograms, it is particularly easy to install. The system’s flexibly is owed to the unit’s compact dimensions and easy to maintain components, which are accessible from the front.

With a modulation rate of 1: 8 the burner and pump power intuitively adapts to the individual power requirement, using an automatic gas adaptive system, reducing maintenance. Furthermore, an integrated exhaust gas back-up fuse allows for multiple occupancy, freeing up the need for exhaust gas certification.

The wall mounted gas condensing boiler has state-of-the-art control technology. Equipped with the DAIKIN eye, the system has inbuilt user intuitiveness, automatically responding to occupant presence. Optionally the control can be operated remotely on-line via a smartphone or on-line.

GCU ECH2O: Even more possibilities

DAIKIN’s GCU ECH2O offers a gas fueling and solar combination. Claiming DAIKIN’s ECH2O product seal it is particularly space-saving, providing the highest level of hot water comfort and is system-capable for connecting additional heat sources.

Thanks to an optimized hydraulic and combustion design, the height of the complete unit is limited. Greater flexible connection possibilities to the rear and top as well as a well-visible electronics access increase installation and maintenance ease, making the compact system easier to operate and maintain.

The boiler has automated combustion control, which adapts automatically to different gas types. This allows a household to retrofit a solar system at any time. Optionally, remote control of the system is possible via the app.

The A2 : Off-grid comfort and efficiency

Based on over 20 years of experience in the field of oil-fired condensing boilers from the DAIKIN Group, modulating oil firing technology (modulation 1:64) ensures low energy consumption and high efficiency.

The new A2 uses a tried and tested stainless steel heat exchanger concept with low water content, which allows for more efficient water heating, especially during the summer and during the transitional seasonal period.

The updated model, which precedes DAIKIN Group’s A1 system, is compact in dimension, amounting to a footprint of just 0.42 m² offering a lightweight heating solution, in tight spaces with fast installation.

In conjunction with a heat accumulator, the softstart function ensures a variable thermal load as well as a targeted energy management. The A2 has a digital control and can be controlled in combination with the app. The condensing boiler can be combined with a heat pump, a solar system or an external storage tank, offering the greatest possible flexibility to households.

DAIKIN Group new condensing boilers range - Key features at a glance

  • Custom designed heat exchanger
  • Stylish front panel and compact dimensions
  • DAIKIN intelligent eye
  • High modulation rate
  • Automatic gas adaption system
  • High efficiency pump

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