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On demand comfort is here to stay - DAIKIN Altherma 3 has arrived

The next generation in the DAIKIN Altherma range combines Bluevolution technology with the DAIKIN online control, to offer homeowners superior but affordable comfort.

Launching this year, the DAIKIN Altherma 3 space heating and domestic hot water system will be available in a range of sizes with a choice of 4-,6- or 8kW models. Delivering temperatures of up to a 65 OC, the new system is suitable with both underfloor heating and radiators and retains its pedigree trademark in frost protection down to -25 OC, ensuring reliable operation even in the coldest climates. 

Developed for the European market, DAIKIN Altherma has grown to become a leading heat pump brand, pioneering the integration of renewable energy sources, bringing efficiency and comfort within affordable reach to more homeowners. Dedicated to continuing R&D, DAIKIN’s European Development Centre has continued to research and develop a variety of high-tech innovations aligned with Europe’s climate needs and season fluctuations.

Best seasonal performance

The improved efficiencies offered by DAIKIN Altherma 3 deliver high performance with the lowest running costs. With its A+++ rating (including controller), this latest addition to DAIKIN’s heat pump range achieves a heating efficiency of 5.4 COP and a hot water rating of 3.3 COP. 

Running on R-32 refrigerant with low environmental impact, the system can heat and store high volumes of hot water up to 230 litres with low standing losses of 25W with a design that is based on the ECH2O fresh water principle followed by the group to reduce bills and the risk of infection.


“With many years of air-to-water heat pump experience and over 350,000 units installed throughout Europe, we strive continuously to optimise the operational performance of DAIKIN Altherma products. This is achieved by a constant focus on minimising power intake requirements across each new product development process, resulting in further reductions in running costs.” Said DAIKIN Europe’s Deputy General Manager, Bart Aspeslagh.

Easy to install

The DAIKIN Altherma 3 is designed intuitively with both the installer and user in mind. Delivered ready to go, tested and charged with refrigerant, installation time is reduced and disruption is minimal. Configuration is simple using the supplied configuration wizard, which can be downloaded (from 2018 this tool will also be available online via the Dakin Cloud Service). A fully integrated unit means all servicing can be done from the front by removing front panel and all piping can be accessed at the top of the unit.

Smart heating controls

The combined effect of the DAIKIN Altherma weather-dependent set-point controls and its inverter compressors maximises the efficiency of the new DAIKIN Altherma 3 at each outdoor temperature, assuring consistent room temperatures at all times. The system is supplied with a selection of nine pre-programmed settings which can be adjusted locally, alternatively settings can be controlled remotely from anywhere via the DAIKIN Online Controller allows adjustment of home comfort levels to suit individual preferences while achieving further energy efficiencies. The DAIKIN Altherma 3 system can also be fully integrated with others home control systems e.g. IFTTT, and apps for maximum efficiency and convenience.


Note: Available from Autumn 2017.

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