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Three new DAIKIN leaders are coming to town

The new Sky Air A-series introduces three innovative models featuring patented and unique technology that will ensure the ideal indoor climate in every environment. With flexibility and easy installation at the core of the new DAIKIN Sky Air range, the futuristic Sky Air A-series will quickly become the leader in its class, when it is launched internationally this summer

Design Flexibility

Lighter and compact, with an extended operating range in all climate conditions and increased maximum piping runs, the Sky Air A-series offers design flexibility to achieve quicker, simpler planning in all kinds of light commercial applications, including retail, offices and restaurants.

Help is at hand

The new Sky Air A-series will also be an installers’ friend on site where longer pre-charged pipe runs make on-site installation faster.

With a redesigned pivoting front plate for easy access to components, the units feature a new 7 segment display for easy error read-outs and an integrated leak-check function. So the Sky Air A-series is quicker to work with at every stage of installation, commissioning and servicing.

The new replacement technology included on all Sky Air A-series units offers a quicker, easier and more reliable way to replace existing AC systems, so the A-series is a smart choice for the replacement market.

DAIKIN at the heart of the system

Utilising the energy efficient and environmentally friendly benefits of R32 refrigerant, the new Sky Air A-series offers a future-proof solution, while achieving superior energy efficiencies of up to A++ (SEER up to 7,7!) and lower running costs.

With patented DAIKIN innovation at the heart of the system, the new A-series will feature a highly efficient swing compressor, designed and manufactured specifically for use with R32 refrigerant.

The A-series offers greatly improved reliability in all weather conditions, thanks to the new refrigerant passes and refrigerant cooled electrical components, resulting in fewer call outs to site.

Geared for comfort

Incorporating the proven benefits of Variable Refrigerant Temperature in delivering the highest efficiencies, the Sky Air A-series promises optimal comfort and flexibility, geared to each individual customer’s needs.

What’s more, customers can control the system from their mobile or tablet device, via the new intelligent Tablet Controller and DAIKIN Cloud Service. So the Sky Air A-series offers a convincing set of features for even the most discerning end user.

Anthony Ysebaert, Sky Air Product Manager at DAIKIN Europe NV. says, “The upcoming new range will showcase our commitment to and unrivalled expertise in the use of R32 refrigerant. Extremely flexible, the new Sky Air range has been developed to make the installation process as simple as possible, even in the most demanding of applications.”


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