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Daikin air purification kit for integration in commercial air conditioning and heat pump systems delivers a cleaner, healthier environment

Press release, July  2023

Daikin has announced a new UV Streamer kit for its flagship Roundflow Ceiling Cassette. Capturing 99.9% of pollutants and allergens through advanced filtration, the UV Streamer kit ensures a healthier and more hygienic indoor environment, protecting the well-being of building occupants and improving overall indoor air quality.

Vienna, July 2023 – Research has shown that we typically spend 90% of our time indoors, where pollution can be twice or even as much as five times greater than outdoors. With airborne contaminants posing significant long-term threats to health, ensuring clean and fresh air circulation is of paramount importance. Air conditioning systems play a vital role in optimizing comfort levels in indoor environments. However, the performance of filtration systems can often fall short in the effective removal of all pollutants and allergens. 


Now, Daikin has addressed the gap by developing a new advanced filtration system for its widely used Roundflow Ceiling Cassette that sets new standards in indoor air quality. Unlike traditional filters which tend only to capture larger particles, the UV Streamer Kit from Daikin leverages state-of-the art technology to trap and neutralize a wide range of harmful pollutants including dust, pollen, mould spores, bacteria and airborne viruses. 

Better by design

The Roundflow Cassette is widely used across offices, schools, fitness centers and retail environments, as well as pharmacies, doctors’ and dentists’ practices and similar businesses. Its large airflow and unique 360˚ air flow pattern allows the unit to reach every corner of the room, efficiently delivering clean air to all areas and offering the ideal vehicle for sanitizing the indoor environment.

Catch and clean

The UV streamer kit represents the latest in technology which combines two powerful elements to remove 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, dust and pollen in less than 30 minutes:

just how you like it



First, the ISO ePM1 60% filter captures (CATCH) the airborne pollutants (Particle Matters down to 1.0μm, PM1.0). Then the advanced, high output UV-C LED light eliminates (CLEAN) these pollutants on the filter surface, while Daikin’s streamer technology decomposes viruses, bacteria, etc. to deeply sanitize the filter inside.

Anthony Ysebaert, Product Manager at Daikin Europe, on the product launch: "We are thrilled to introduce Daikin’s cutting-edge air filtration solution to the market. With its innovative technology, Daikin aims to empower businesses to take control of their indoor air quality, providing them with a reliable and effective means to combat the increasing threats posed by airborne contaminants. Daikin’s goal is to ensure clean and healthy air for everyone. The new air filtration system is a significant step towards achieving that goal."

Emphasizing the care and diligence that has gone into developing the new solution he continues: “The UV Streamer kit air filtration solution is backed by rigorous testing at the third-party laboratories of Intertek, ensuring its effectiveness and reliability in real life environments. Daikin’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction is exemplified in its focus on quality manufacturing and adherence to industry-leading standards.”

The UV Streamer kit (product code BAEF125AWB) is available as an add-on option to the Roundflow Cassette and can also be retrofitted to existing installation, giving easy access to a clean indoor environment. It can be combined with BYCQ140E and BYCQ140EW decoration panels.

More information

Photo copyrights: Daikin Europe


Daikin Airconditioning Central Europe

Daikin Airconditioning Central Europe was founded in 1999 with headquarters in Vienna, Austria, as a subsidiary of Daikin Europe N.V. The company's portfolio comprises products and solutions for heating, cooling, ventilation, air purification and refrigeration. More than 700 employees and 2,500 partners are responsible for sales and service activities in 16 countries in Central and Eastern Europe (Austria, Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Kosovo, Montenegro, Moldova, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia). With Your Daikin World at the Vienna headquarters, the HVAC-R industry and the construction sector have access to a modern experience center for co-creating tailor-made solutions for hotels, retail, offices, and large commercial applications. It also includes one out of nine training centers in the region of Daikin Central Europe.


Media contact

Doris Passler
Manager Corporate Communications Central Europe

Daikin Airconditioning Central Europe HandelsgmbH

Lemböckgasse 59/1/1, 1230 Vienna, Austria

T: +43 (0) 664 24 56 444


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