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Daikin Altherma GEO

High performance even in coldest climate

The first generation of Daikin altherma ground source heat pump uses geothermal energy and Daikin's inverter technology to deliver space heating and hot water

House with sun. Symbol.

Space heating 

Maximal comfort guaranteed in extreme winter conditions.

180 litre with shower. Symbol.

Domestic hot water production

Integrated 180L stainless steel tank

Operation ON/OFF unit. Partial load condition - ON/OFF. This chart chows a blue line going up and down between 4 and -4 degrees.

In this typical application, when full capacity is not required, the compressor works in partial load operation. Traditional on/off ground -source heat pumps alternately switch ON and OFF and the brine temperature decreases down to -4°C.

Operation Daikin unit. Partial load condition - inverter controlled. This chart shows a steady line just above 0 degrees.

Daikin's inverter technology produces a stable outgoing brine temperature of around 0°C. This higher and more constant evaporating temperature leads to greater operating effinciecies.

Seasonal efficiency, smart use of energy

Customers are looking for the best solutions for their home, with an eye on the energy efficiency labels. Daikin always proposes the most environment friendly units with the maximum energy labels for the heat pumps. Since the 26th of September 2019, new energy labels are available and rate the heating products from A+++ to D in space heating, and from A+ to F in water heating.

Radiator with 'A+++' symbol and a water tab with 'A' symbol. Illustration.

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