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Daikin Rental Services – Chillers

  • Solutions for cooling emergencies
  • Standby cooling for critical applications and processes
  • Cooling supply during planned shutdowns and outages
  • Solutions for cooling load fluctuations & special events

Many reasons to use temporary cooling

Daikin Rental is offering rental chillers and services to meet your temporary cooling needs while reducing CAPEX and optimizing your OPEX.


Whether a natural disaster and/or an equipment failure takes your cooling system down, Daikin temporary cooling can get you up and running again fast!


A temporary cooling system is sometimes used to back-up manufacturing, and chemical processes, or when a hospital’s required system redundancy has been reduced.

3. Special EVENTS

We can support you with creating a comfortable climate for your special events and parties by putting together the right equipment for your specialty cooling requirements. Quick and easy solutions for fairs, trade shows, events in temporary structures, etc.


  • Load adjustments during facility expansion 

During facility expansions there is a need to test equipment and process areas but not sufficient load to keep new or large chillers running. A simple rental solution ensures the correct load and energy efficiency while the expansion new build is being finalized.

  • Peak load support & seasonality 

When the cooling demand of your facility or process exceeds your current system’s capacity because of record high temperatures or changes to the cooling requirements, Daikin temporary cooling can be used to increase your cooling output. By eliminating the need to purchase additional cooling equipment which might be only used part of the year, you save on capital expenditures.

5. Cooling supply during PLANNED SHUTDOWNS AND OUTAGES

  • Planned maintenance on cooling equipment 

Daikin temporary cooling is an excellent way to supply cooling during planned equipment maintenance, which elevates the time pressure to get your primary cooling system back on line. This way, the work can be completed correctly the first time, and avoid costly overtime.

  • Replacement of older equipment 

Daikin temporary cooling makes it possible for your facility to maintain full cooling capabilities during retrofit, renovation, or replacement.

Benefits Daikin Rental Chillers

Daikin Rental Chiller offering

From 10kw to 10mw

Comprehensive packages - for all your needs

We offer a complete package with your rental chiller, which includes everything you need including pumps and other equipment:

  • Water and air-cooled chillers at most used capacities ranging from small air-cooled to large water-cooled in the range from 10kW to 10MW 
  • Flexible water piping connections with quick, easy set-up
  • Electrical connections to chillers work with your current power supply conditions including transformers

Whether you have long or short-term cooling needs, we deliver reliable chiller products, applications expertise, and responsive support.

Services offered

  • Assistance in determining rental chiller capacity and power generation requirements
  • Typically a chiller is up and running within the same day of a chiller delivered to your site 
  • Daikin can support with contingency planning, including disaster recovery planning and support to meet your industry compliance requirements 
  • Our portfolio is supplemented by rental heating, emergency generators, supporting accessories and services 
  • Please contact your local Daikin affiliate for availability

Daikin undertakes the delivery, assembly and connections of the plants as well as start-up, if required also in partnership with your own technical staff or technicians.

Daikin Rental Chillers services offered
Daikin Rental Chiller stock

Large stock available

Daikin and partners stock most capacity units. If your requested unit is not available, we will strive to find a suitable solution for you.

For available units and pricing please contact our local Daikin office and use our Rental Cooling inquiry form.

Rental offering for other temporary cooling applications

Daikin can also support for requirements outside of traditional process cooling with chillers / cold water machines. This offering includes:

  • Refrigeration / Cold Storage

    • Cold storage rooms
    • Refrigerated containers
    • Tempering cold storage rooms
    • Modular cold rooms
    • Freezer rooms
    • Shock freezers / Blast freezers
    • Ultra low freezers
    • Tempering freezer rooms
    • Modular freezer rooms
    • Freezer containers
    • Ice rinks
    • Wineries
  • Airconditioning

    • Air-handling units
    • Rooftops
  • Heating

    • Heatpump
    • Heatpump Rooftops
  • Accessories

    • Hydraulic
    • Electrical cables and inverters
  • Services

    • Installation & Commissioning
    • Service & maintenance
    • Remote monitoring as an additional service

☑ Peace of mind

The Daikin Rental service team delivers reliable rental chiller
solutions and peace of mind, no matter how urgent or complicated
your situation. For assistance with your temporary cooling needs,
please contact your local service representative.


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