Operation, Maintenance and Repairs

Operation, maintenance and repairs

At Daikin, we understand that you are not looking for a supplier, but a partner. That's why we make it our mission to accompany you throughout the design, set up and maintenance of your installation to deliver a product that meets all your climate needs. Together with our Service Partners, we offer a range of service plans to oversee, manage and monitor your installation.

1. Care

Care is the minimal requirement to fulfil current legislation requirements, and makes sure your unit is operating in a correct fashion and according to parameters.

The Care package includes the following services:

  • Inspections based on predefined activities
  • Soft- and firmware upgrades as needed and if required
  • Validated Log book according to §22

2. Preventive Care

Preventive Care keeps the Split/Sky Air unit in optimal condition for the long run.

In addition to the maintenance activities included in the Care package, Preventive Care includes:

  • Service based on predefined activities
  • Cleaning of the heat exchangers
  • On-site system diagnostic and/or analysis during service intervention
  • Comprehensive, predictive status & measurement report
  • Recorded, retrievable service history of each unit
  • Emergency support & callout
  • Access to technical assistance and repair service

3. Extended Care

Extended Care provides maximum equipment availability at the minimum Total Cost of Ownership.

In addition to the activities mentioned in the Preventive care package, Extended Care includes:

  • Labor- & travel cost, spare parts for planned maintenances are included
  • Labor- & travel cost, spare parts for repairs are included
  • Refrigerant is included
  • Extension of warranty


  • Energy audit & report
  • Specialist support and consultancy
  • Predictive maintenance

Remote monitoring

From performance monitoring to predictive logic and analyses, to reducing breakdown risks and costs, our Intelligent Network is a cost-efficient service to increase the security, uptime and reliability of your installation.

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Minimise operation costs, keep track of your system's performance and extend its lifetime with regular maintenance checks by Daikin.


Covering the wide Daikin product portfolio and other brands, our vast network of service teams are ready to provide on-site repairs whenever needed.

System controls

Use our factory-engineered system to control, manage and optimise the performance of your chiller plant room.

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