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Daikin Cloud Service - Residential

Remote monitoring, control and services for residential systems

Product Features

  • Monitor and control your building no matter where you are via the Daikin Cloud Service
  • Manage multiple sites. Modular concept allows your cloud to grow with your business
  • Visualize energy consumption and benchmark between different sites to reduce energy costs
  • Remote diagnostic support to increase your system lifetime
  • Predictive maintenance to prevent breakdowns
  • Installer or technical manager can remotely login to the site in case of malfunctions for first troubleshooting
  • Daikin Cloud Service requires a subscription. Contact your local sales representative for more information. 

Benefits for Service Partners

  • Save Time and Money: You can support customers remotely for most of their needs without making an onsite visit (no travel cost and save time).
  • First Time Fix: Since you know the error codes and product condition data, you can visit the customer with the correct spare parts and solve the problem on the first visit.
  • Loyalty: You can supply advice to use products more efficiently and more conveniently. This will increase the interaction between you and the customers. Thanks to the alarm dashboard, you can call the customer to solve the problems of the product before they call you.

Benefits for end-users

  • Advance remote support for your convenient usage (you can save time instead of waiting appointment). 
  • Monitor your system for operational safety by high skill technicians.
  • Remote faults analysis and proactive approach to fix your errors.
  • Emergency setting for continuous operations.

Error notification and several installer settings (20 settings for Heating and 16 settings for Residential Air Conditioner) for remote support through SBM Pro and e-care app

From the professional portal, installers can activate the remote monitoring allowing them to supervise your installation on multiple parameters, from their location. They will get an automatic notification in case there is something wrong with the installation. By changing certain settings they can improve your comfort immediately. Thanks to these new features, you can save time and get a better support.

Space heating/cooling
Main zone & Additional zone (LWT = Living Water Temperature)
Domestic hot water
Room (RT = ambient room temperature)
Installer - Error handling

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