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CO₂ Refrigeration


CO2 – An alternative to traditional refrigerants

As a leader in the refrigeration industry, Daikin continues to develop and use the latest technologies to meet environmental regulations and provide partners with sustainable alternatives to traditional systems. To achieve all of this and more, Daikin now offers CO₂ refrigerant to strengthen its current refrigeration product line-up.


Benefits of CO₂

A natural gas refrigerant, CO₂ offers no global warming potential (GWP) compared to other major refrigerants. When combined with the right technology, CO₂ can power all types of refrigeration systems to meet the cooling needs of industrial and commercial partners.

  • Compatible with a wide range of refrigeration units for custom made solutions 
  • Backed by industry-leading technology to ensure high efficiency and reliability in any kind of climate
  • Meets the latest F-gas regulations and Ecodesign efficiency requirements

Our CO₂ Solutions

Daikin offers a wide range of CO2 solutions – condensing units & racks and packs – for any food retail, storage or processing need.

  • Daikin CO2 commercial condensing units

    From standard condensing units, to small or large booster units and transcritical inverter units the Daikin group offers CO2 solutions for all refrigeration applications and all aspects of the cold chain. Tewis Hubbard Zanotti
  • CO2 Solutions - Racks & Packs

    Daikin commercial refrigeration solutions with natural refrigerant - carbon dioxide (R744)
  • Integrated Systems - CO₂ Conveni-Pack

    Compact integrated CO2 system for medium temperature refrigeration, space cooling and heating, with heat recovery and heat pump operation

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