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HFC condensing units

Why Daikin condensing units?

Daikin’s commercial condensing units are ideal for use in cold stores, pubs, hotels, butchers, bakeries and similar locations which need reliable cooling at medium temperature

ZEAS condensing unit

Daikin ZEAS is the smart choice for medium and low temperature refrigeration. ZEAS is available in different capacity ranges from 5 to 40 HP and delivers the required refrigerating capacity to third party equipment like open showcases, glass door freezers and evaporators.

  • Flexible combination refrigeration system with separate groups for medium and low temperature cooling, each with multiple cabinets and different temperatures. This flexibility and energy savings of up to 50% are only possible with a ZEAS-system.
Daikin ZEAS condensing unit

J&E Hall condensing units

Daikin JEHCCU and JEHSCU series plug-in condensing units are the perfect solution for those looking for compact and economically priced solutions.

  • Highly energy-efficient with operating ambient temperatures ranging from -15°C to +43°C
  • Daikin condensing kits are suitable for refrigerants R-407F, R-407A, R-404A, R-134a and latest low GWP refrigerants R-448A and R-449A
  • Carefully designed details: the whole range utilizes proven and specially optimized components for Daikin
  • Fast assembly, easy handling and and energy-optimized design ensure low investment and operating costs
  • Redesigned to be lightweight and compact, with easy access, making installation and maintenance straightforward
  • Improved design and sound insulation make them ideal for urban locations, particularly near residential areas
J&E Hall plug-in condensing unit

Zanotti Condensing Units

Condensing units with inverter driven compressor for high reliability, low cost and easy installation

  • GCI: Evaporating working temperatures from +5°C to -20°
  • HCI: Evaporating working temperatures from -15°C to -40°C.
  • Electrical switchboard with power components, circuit breakers and electronic controller
  • Oil separator & condenser fan speed regulator
  • Liquid receiver with safety valve
  • Adjustable high and low pressure switches with automatic reset
  • Low vibration
  • Crankcase heater to make them suitable for outdoor installation in different climatic conditions
  • High level of soundproofing also suitable for residential use
  • Mini-channel condenser with large surface for highest efficiency
  • Compatible with refrigerant R-134A (GCI), R-449A (HCI)
  • Factory reconfigured for easy and fast commissioning
Zanotti GCI & HCI condensing units

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