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Integrated Systems for air conditioning, heating and refrigeration

What are the benefits of combining refrigeration, air conditioning and heating into one intelligent system?

  • Significant reduction of energy costs

  • A perfect room climate for customers and employees

  • One service for all HVAC-R systems

  • High-efficiency solutions tailored to your refrigeration needs

  • Innovative and reliable technology, also with heat recovery

  • Compliance with the new F-Gas regulations 

Using AN INTEGRATED HVAC-R SYSTEM can save you UP TO 8.500€/year*


*Data confirmed by comparing energy consumption for two identical stores with an area of approx. 450 m2
Chart showing energy consumption in a typical grocery store
  • Conveni-Pack (R-410A) System

    Daikin Conveni-Pack integrates high and low temperature refrigeration and air conditioning (including heating) into one system.
  • CO₂ Conveni-Pack System

    Refrigeration solution for food retailers incl. heat recovery. Integrated system for high & low temperature refrigeration and A/C (including heating).

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