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Industrial Seasoning Units

AV & SV Series – Industrial seasoning units for small refrigerated volumes

  • SV Series: Used for salami/ham seasoning. Available as monoblock.

  • AV Series:  Used for salami/ham drying. Available as monoblock.

General features:

  • The unit consists of an air treatment unit placed on the floor inside the cooling environment and it is made of AISI304 stainless steel.

  • All the cooling and electrical equipment is included inside.

  • The unit is controlled via the station that supervises all the temperature and humidity level functions, as well as the air flow inside the cell.

  • The air is distributed within the environment by means of special ducts, designed according to the size of the room.

  • The units are placed inside or outside of the room with a suitable insulation. The condenser is an air and remote condenser.

Zanotti AV series - industrial seasoning unit

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