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Pharmaceutical and Hospital solutions

In pharmaceutical, hospital or healthcare applications the fulfilment of strict conditions is essential. High failure-safety, performance compliance, and stability of temperature control are a must.

Key features of HVAC-R equipment for pharma and hospital processes are:

  • 100% back-up system with automatic rotation of the units to optimize the working time of each one and allow automatic change-over in case of failure (redundancy)

  • Micro-processor-controlled temperature to maximize temperature stability and perfect working cycle of the unit

  • Possibility of extremely long piping lengths (up to 130m)

  • Optimized air-cooled evaporators to minimize interior temperature differences

  • Optical and acoustical alarm including general failure alarm for remote warning in the event of temperature deviation and general malfunction¬†

  • Remote monitoring of the system

Refrigerating systems for pharmaceutical & hospital process application

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