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Design & Project Management Services

On top of technical support for its own product and solution portfolio, Daikin now offers enhanced Design & Project Management Services via its newly created but highly experienced dedicated team. Daikin aims to offer its customers a wide range of solutions where they can make their decisions based on their technical and budgetary preferences. Project management services take over the delivery of the solution without any product or scope of delivery limitations and make sure of a high quality installation for trouble-free product life time. 

Design Services

What can you expect from our Daikin Design Services?

The answer is: from simplest to most complicated for your Refrigeration needs: 

  • Product selection & project documentation
  • Concept creation for different refrigerants & solutions
  • Complete Refrigeration & HVAC design, including 3rd party equipment
  • Various heat recovery & energy saving solutions
  • Remote monitoring & control
  • Detailed efficiency & life time costs calculations 
  • First investment & return of Investment analysis

Your Benefits:

  • Tailor made solutions for every customer need
  • Help reduce your CO2 footprint & save energy
  • Daikin liability for both product & solution
  • One stop shop 
  • High reliability from theory to practice
  • Technical assistance during all project phases


Project Management Services

Daikin Project Management team is specialized to handle highly complex and demanding projects with a wide range of contracting services to maintain a fast, seamless and high quality delivery where the customer is informed regularly about progress & condition of the project to ensure transparency and high quality as the customer expects.

Our comprehensive set of HVAC-R Project Management services includes: 

  • Delivery/installation of pipework for HFC or CO2 solutions
  • Delivery/installation of electrical works
  • Delivery/installation of remote monitoring 
  • Delivery/installation of cold rooms & showcase cabinets 
  • Delivery/installation of temporary refrigerated container & cabinets
  • Wide range of civil works where required: roof penetrations, roof isolation, equipment support, temporary power and more
  • Professional hand-over
  • Project documentation

Your Benefits:

  • Best practices for overall equipment & system efficiency
  • ‘Daikin approach’ for schedule & quality control on site
  • Minimize troubleshoot risks during life-time
  • Cost reduction by leveraging Daikin purchase agreements
  • One contact for all project needs: rental, civil and more

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