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Offices and Stores in Large Buildings with Closed Windows

In large buildings where windows remain closed (e.g. office and commercial buildings), ventilation is effectively performed by ventilation systems.
Large machinery is installed in a mechanical room that is inaccessible to the general public and only used by the building management company.

For office and commercial buildings, European and national Building Code stipulates that a building must be equipped with sufficient ventilation capacity to ensure the health of the building occupants, even when a building is crowded.

Operation of ventilation equipment still differs for each building.

  • Ventilation operation times:
    Are set by a predetermined schedule based on the presence of people: e.g. from 9 am to 6 pm. 
  • Working irregular hours or on holidays?
    Confirm operation with the facility manager in your company or the building management company to ensure that you have adequate ventilation while working.

Ventilation Checklist

Installation location and type of ventilators and ventilation equipment 

(ventilation vents: air exhaust vents, air supply vents, etc.) in living space / offices, conference rooms, reception rooms, executive rooms, changing rooms, hot water supply rooms, restrooms, etc.

Operating hours for ventilation equipment (weekdays / holidays)

Amount of ventilation set for ventilation (weekdays / holidays)

Ventilation equipment maintenance times and schedule

Schedule and cycle for cleaning and replacing filters

Special high occupancy situations in offices

Sometimes many people assemble in conference rooms and cafeterias causing stale air  and pollutants to temporarily increase.
In these situations, we recommend increasing ventilation.

Please refer to the ventilation method mentioned in “2. Small- and medium-sized offices <Offices in small- and medium-sized buildings with 10 floors or less>.”

Individual control of ventilation equipment in large buildings

Even in large buildings with no windows, when there is a remote controller for the air conditioner or ventilation equipment in the room, it can be necessary for the occupants to manage the ventilation themselves.

Check out our useful advice for Small- and medium-sized offices.

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