IEQ Sensor
IAQ sensor in the office

Our new state-of-art device measures your well-being and tracks indoor air quality values, environmental comfort and electromagnetic pollution. It is available with 12 sensors and 15 parameters, and it connects through your WiFi network or via NB-IoT technology.


Installation can be executed through the Configuration App. Credentials for the application are provided by our local representative. 

IAQ Sensor close-up
Screenshot of Caelum App

Caelum Monitoring Platform

The device connects to Daikin’s monitoring platform Caelum – accessible via It allows to monitor Indoor Air Quality levels and create periodical reports based on the data detected during the sensor’s activity. It creates a video wall application to show indoor air quality levels lively to your customers.



The IAQ Sensor ensures perfect integration with Daikin’s remote monitoring and smart maintenance platform Daikin on Site and Daikin Cloud Service. It allows to have perfect control over the entire Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning system installed in the building. (coming soon)

Indoor Air Quality Services

The IAQ sensor guarantees the best control over the environment of the facility as part of Daikin air quality assessments and maintenance packages.  

Indoor Air Quality Services
Green Building

Green Building certification

The installation of the IAQ sensor by Daikin may help you getting better ratings as green building projects accredited with LEED and WELL certification thanks to Indoor Environmental Quality credits.

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