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We are McQuay

In 2006 McQuay and Daikin teamed up for a brilliant future in the Applied industry, complementing each other in terms of products, engineering, research potentials, and geographical production facility coverage.

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The McQuay company and brand, including their range of air conditioning and chiller units, was acquired by Daikin in 2006 and we and our distributors now provide full support for McQuay spare parts and product information.

The McQuay company was originally founded in 1933 in Minneapolis, USA.  After combining with Daikin in 2006 and acquiring the HydroKool business in 2010, the McQuay product range was then rebranded and merged with Daikin in 2013. 



We can also advise on retrofitting McQuay air conditioning and chiller units with a compatible Daikin product, having acquired the McQuay business in 2006.  Similarly, if you need any McQuay spare parts or product advise please do not hesitate to contact us


For advice on the maintenance of McQuay air conditioning and chiller units, including links to our local distributors and to access McQuay spare parts and other product information, please contact us.


Spare Parts

For McQuay spare parts, including, compressors, heat pumps, inverters, fan coils, thermostats etc. do not hesitate to contact us.

The McQuay product line is fully supported by Daikin and our worldwide distributors and so please do not hesitate to contact us.

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