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Fight against inequality and poverty

Right before Christmas 2022, Daikin Austria and Daikin Central Europe Headquarters asked their employees to vote for one of the following 3 organizations in Vienna, that help those most affected by poverty and social disadvantages: Europahaus des Kindes, a children’s shelter for children and teenagers aged 3 to 18, that offers them a loving childhood and a safe home, Verein Wiener Frauenhäuser, that protects women and their children from physical or psychological violence, and Verein M.U.T., that helps homeless people and those who can’t afford buying food or clothes fast and unbureaucratically. The donation was divided by percentage according to Daikin employees’ votes. The cheques were handed over to Viktoria Richter (Verein M.U.T.), Susanne Deutsch (Verein Wiener Frauenhäuser) and Marianne Binder (Europahaus des Kindes) in January 2023.

Markus Haas - Deputy Managing Director Daikin Central Europe Headquarters, Susanne Deutsch - Deputy Managing Director Verein Wiener Frauenhäuser, Claus Albel - General Manager Sales Daikin Austria



Viktoria Richter, Division Manager Verein M.U.T. and Claus Albel, General Manager Sales Daikin Austria
Gerhard Perschy, Sales Manager Commercial Daikin Austria and Marianne Binder, Director Europahaus des Kindes

City of Vienna avoids food waste 

Wiener Tafel is a Viennese non-profit organization that fights against unequality and poverty in the City of Vienna, by rescuing food that is still suitable for consumption from going to waste. 

Food that would normally be thrown away, e. g. from supermarkets, is collected and distributed to social institutions and to people that cannot afford a healthy and varied diet. Cooking workshops and the production of delicacies, such as jam, soups, chutneys or sugo made from rescued ingredients, completes the offer of Wiener Tafel and raises awarness on a sustainable economic system and life-style.

In 2021, Daikin Austria and Daikin Central Europe headquarters donated and installed several Daikin multi split systems for a perfect indoor climate at Wiener Tafel premises that provide comfortable working conditions for employees. Additionally, cooling and refrigeration systems are planned to be installed in the warehouse to ensure best storage conditions for rescued food. In order to spread the message of high importance of food safety, Daikin Austria chose Wiener Tafel delicacies as Christmas presents for Daikin partners. 

Project period: 2021, 2022

Contribution to UN Sustainable Development Goals

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