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What is heat pump maintenance and why you need it

Heat pumps need maintenance to ensure reliable and efficient operation. Here’s what heat pump maintenance and service includes and why it’s important. 

The summer has come and gone and the colder months are officially here, but before you settle yourself down for the cold months ahead, there is one more thing left to do: prepare your heat pump for winter.

After deciding to invest and install a heat pump, the unit must be cared for correctly to ensure its reliable performance and longevity. Scheduling a simple maintenance and servicing visit is always recommended before significant seasonal changes (i.e. Summer to Winter). After all, no one wants to wake up on a cold winter’s morning to find that their heating isn’t working but for those with small children or for older residents, a cold home can be more than just uncomfortable. By staying on top of the servicing, bigger issues can be swiftly addressed and adjustments can be made without additional hassle.

What is heat pump servicing and maintenance?

Planned preventative maintenance can help to ensure your heat pump is not only working correctly but also efficiently, helping to lower your energy bill and CO2 emissions while keeping your home toasty warm, no matter how chilly it gets outside.

This usually includes:

  • Cleaning air exchangers
  • Checking refrigerant levels
  • Inspecting mountings and fan bearings
  • Controlling compressor´s vibrations and current consumption
  • Inspecting drain pan heater and compressor heater
  • F-gas controlling
  • Checking thermal insulation condition
  • Checking water exchanger of clogging
  • Cleaning water filters
  • Inspecting and tightening screw connections
  • Software update
  • Checking operations of the unit by diagnostic program
  • Inspecting and testing of safety valves
  • Controlling regulation and accuracy of temperature sensors measurement

Service specialists, such as Daikin’s, come prepared to avoid repeated visits and extra interruptions. They will provide clear and detailed lifecycle reports which indicate any future requirements that should be considered well in advance.

Benefits of planned maintenance


Plan your visits in advance and let them work around your own schedule. With a clear servicing programme you can effectively budget both your time and your costs.

Improved safety

When a heating unit doesn’t operate optimally over a long period, it can become unsafe. Regular maintenance ensures that the unit operates safely and complies with local regulations and requirements.

Cost Saving

Maintenance will always be cheaper than ad-hoc service interventions. Preventive maintenance allows you to plan ahead, especially with our clear and transparent pricing model enabling you to budget your costs ahead of time.

Legal Compliance

Rest assured knowing that your heating unit is maintained and serviced in line with all legal regulations and requirements.



How to arrange planned maintenance

Daikin Cares provides 3 different levels of maintenance agreements catering to your every need. Care packages are available to anyone with a Daikin heating appliance.


F-Gas Care

An inspection service covering the minimal requirement to fulfil current legislation requirements and ensures your unit is not impacting global warming.

Preventive Care

A fully comprehensive service with all system checks, safety checks and emission testing to ensure that your heating unit runs efficiently with the latest software adapted to your needs

Exclusive Care

Provides everything under the preventative care package with the inclusion of replacement filters, spare parts, and refrigerant, plus warranty extension and if needed, support within 24 hours.

Stand by me

Daikin’s service offering also includes the unique Stand by Me platform. With Stand by Me, existing Daikin customers can benefit from extended warranty on your units plus maintenance and service reminders, ensuring you are always on top of your service and maintenance needs.

If you’re not registered on Stand by Me already, simply contact your Daikin installer and inform them that you would like to register.


Daikin Service strives to develop smart services and solutions that exceed expectations. When our professionals carry out your cold weather service under a preventative or exclusive plan, they want to ensure your heating unit is running at peak performance, so they will be checking the overall integrity of your unit, the essential safety features as well as the individual components. Planned maintenance is the key to ensuring the quality, efficiency and flawless operation of your installed unit. Be prepared for the cold season, lower your energy bills, reduce CO2 emissions and ensure silent operation with planned servicing from Daikin.

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