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Less is more.

Why choose Multi-Split?

Cool or heat multiple rooms with one outdoor unit

Discreet operation

Enjoy a comfortable indoor environment thanks to Multi-Split's discreet and quiet operation.

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Easy maintenance

Multi-Split requires less maintenance and is easier to install compared to multiple split outdoor units.

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Exceptional energy efficiency

Multi-Split uses advanced technology and low-impact refrigerant to be extremely energy efficient.

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Unrivalled flexibility

Thanks to its compatibility with a wide range of indoor units, easy installation, and flexible scheduling, Multi-Split fits any home or lifestyle.

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Five in one

5 indoor units including wall mounted, floor standing and concealed ceiling connected to an outdoor unit. Illustration.

Connect up to five indoor units of any range or style to one Multi-Split outdoor unit.

NEW Only one system for hot water and air conditioning

Connect a domestic hot water tank and 3 indoor units to your multi outdoor unit

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5 indoor units including wall mounted, floor standing and concealed ceiling connected to an outdoor unit. Illustration.

Fits your lifestyle

Multi-Split is a flexible solution, ideal for small outdoor spaces such as a walls, roofs, or terraces. Plus: it connects up to five units of any range or style.

Whether it’s working with a small outdoor space or connecting a variety of indoor units, Multi Split is an ideal solution that can adapt to meet all air conditioning needs and preferences. 

  • Connect up to five indoor units in separate rooms 
  • Change and add units at any time 
  • Install Multi Split on a wall, roof or terrace 
  • Use Onecta app to schedule and change the climate of each room

Best-in-class energy efficiency


Multi-Split uses advanced technologies such as R-32 low-impact refrigerant and a swing compressor to reduce its environmental impact by 68%.

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Up to A++ for heating

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Up to A+++ for cooling

Discreet and quiet operation


With its compact size and low operational noise, Multi-Split is ideal for homes with limited outdoor space.


Smart climate control

Multi-Split offers different ways to manage your home environment. Control the unit using the infrared remote control, the Onecta app on your smartphone, or voice controls via Alexa or Google Home.

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