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Next to its comprehensive product range, Daikin now offers turnkey project delivery, which we call ‘All in ONE’

To fullfil the retail sector requirements, we are offering a full portfolio of plug-in and remote cabinets

Our portfolio covers equipment from AHT Cooling Systems and other manufacturers (for example ISA-TASSELLI): 

  • Vertical multidecks

  • Semi-vertical multidecks

  • Serve-over counters

  • Islands and 

  • Freezers

Please get in touch with your local Daikin sales representative for more information and support with the selection of this type of solutions.

Plug-in cabinets

Tasselli Galaxy open

Tasselli Galaxy Open

Tasselli Galaxy

Tasselli Galaxy

Remote cabinets

Tasselli Dream ST serve-over counter

Tasselli Dream ST

Tasselli Globe ST semi-vertical multideck

Tasselli Globe ST

Tasselli Palco

Tasselli Palco

Tasselli Screen vertical freezer

Tasselli Screen

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