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Drying, Ageing and Seasoning solutions

Commercial units for meat & cheese drying, seasoning and storing

selection of delicious and perfectly matured cheeses, salami and hams

The key to maintaining the highest standards of your products is to prepare and store them in special conditions. The quality and the flavor of certain foods depend on the climate in the processing room.

The cooling units for drying, ageing and seasoning of cold cuts and cheeses, called “mini-conditioners”, offer a constant and precise control of the temperature and humidity levels for small to medium rooms.

SAS - SAR series for specific cold rooms

Depending on your needs, you can choose SAS models, available as split or monoblock version, for drying and seasoning processes of cured meats and cheeses or SAR models, monoblock series, specialized for post-salting resting of hams. All these units can reproduce customized drying, ageing and resting cycles, guaranteeing production in all seasons, regardless of external climatic conditions.

  • Long lasting exterior design
  • Electronic control board
  • Compact unit with removable panels for easy access to internal components
  • Pre-charged with refrigerant, equipped with filter dryer and fixed calibration high-pressure switch with automatic reset
  • Fully equipped unit, ready to use
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Easily programmable and customizable with a remote control panel
Zanotti SAS and SAR series - split or monoblock condensing unit for drying and seasoning meat and cheese

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