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Supplying a hospital with an efficient, reliable, and compact solution


Daikin recently supplied a chiller for a big hospital in Oman. The hospital’s capacity was extended with the opening of a new wing, which required the HVAC system to be integrated with a new chiller to meet the greater cooling needs of the building. For this project, it was essential to find a reliable solution with advanced technology that could perfectly meet the needs of the facility.

Products Installed


Cooling capacity: 610 kW

About the products and the project

The main requirement of this project was the reliability of the new unit as it will be operating in a high temperature (between 46 and 52 degrees Celsius) and corrosive environment close to the sea.

Reliability in that kind of environment is vital, especially for a chiller serving a hospital. Additionally, energy efficiency was another very important aspect, which led the hospital to choose a screw inverter unit so they would be able to ensure high energy efficiency levels at all times.

Lastly, the hospital required a unit with a compact footprint, which Daikin achieved with a unit that could offer the required cooling capacity and efficiency with a smaller footprint than the competitor.

More about the product

A chiller from the MZ Series was the perfect solution for the hospital’s needs. This series has been designed to combine the proven efficiency of the Daikin screw inverter compressor – especially at part load – and the reliability of integrating the refrigerant-cooled inverter directly in the compressor. This feature allows the electronics of the inverter to be cooled by the refrigerant in the chiller’s circuit, protecting the inverter from ambient temperature, altitude, and the presence of pollutants, dust, or sand in the air.

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The MZ Series is also specifically designed to perfectly operate in the Middle East as it has been designed to withstand high temperatures and corrosive elements, which are common in this area of the world.

Daikin met the project’s efficiency requirements thanks to a solution which takes advantage of the inverter technology to ensures the best performance, regardless of the cooling demand of the building.

In fact, the inverter technology means that the installed MZ chillers will be able to match different loads requirements, in any circumstances. The inverter will continuously modulate the speed of the compressor’s motor, ensuring excellent capacity control and providing outstanding part load efficiency values and substantial energy savings.

Daikin has a history of leadership in the field of single screw compressor chillers which have been installed all over the world over the past 20 years.

The Daikin screw compressor is well known for its efficiency and offers extremely high reliability. Compared to a standard screw compressor, it uses one main screw meshing with twin star rotors to produce volume matching compression cycle. Due to the main rotor, which is balanced in both the radial and axial directions, the compressor bearing is extremely reliable. Therefore, its life span can be longer than other screw compressors. The single screw compressor only three moving parts which reduces the possibility of failure and keeps operational costs low.

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