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Multi systems for affordable year-round heating, cooling and hot water

Finding the ideal solution for heating and cooling your home doesn’t have to be complicated to install or take up a lot of space. With its flexibility in functions and options, as well as the opportunity to include hot water, a multi system might be just what you’re looking for to fit into your home for ultimate year-round comfort.

Why install an alternative heating and cooling system?

As soaring energy prices add to the cost of living across Europe, and are expected to stay high for some time to come, people are seeking more affordable ways to control the temperature in their homes. While running costs may be the driving force behind the decision to find other options, the environmental benefits of a modern heat pump or multi system also adds to the appeal and long-term sustainability of making the switch.

Heat pumps for heating, cooling and hot water

Heat pumps work by extracting thermal energy from outside and transferring it into your home to work with emitters which provide heating, cooling and hot water. In the long term, heat pumps are an economical alternative to the use of fossil fuels as the majority of the heat comes from a renewable source. In the case of an air-to-water heat pump, the heat comes from the air, or with a ground source heat pump where the heat comes from the earth.

Multi systems for heating, cooling and hot water in your home

While air-to-water or ground-source heat pumps are an excellent long-term solution for home heating and hot water, they do come with a price tag, requiring a considerable initial investment and often needing extensive work for installation. So, what other option is there? A multi system.

A multi system is a series of indoor air conditioner units connected to one outdoor unit. Despite most people thinking air conditioners are only for cooling, they are in fact an equally effective solution for  heating plus can also offer domestic hot water preparation capabilities, making a multi system an ideal alternative as an energy efficient and sustainable means for cooling, heating and even hot water in your home.

What are the benefits of a multi system?

There are two types of multi systems. The first one, the multi-split, allows you to connect up to five indoor air conditioning units to one outdoor unit, giving you the flexibility to heat and cool multiple rooms and, as long as they are in the same heating or cooling cycle, you can set the temperature of each independently. The second, Daikin’s multi+ multi system, enables you to connect up to three indoor AC units and a hot water tank, making it an all-round solution for heating, cooling and hot water. Depending on your needs, both options are more affordable alternatives compared to other types of heat pumps (such as air-to-water or ground source) and more efficient and environmentally friendly than traditional heating and hot water systems.

Multi systems are efficient

Air conditioners, or air-to-air heat pumps, use thermal energy from the air to either heat or cool a room and provide heat to a hot water tank. While some electric power is needed for the air conditioner to function, a vast proportion of the energy used is renewable, making multi systems a far more efficient alternative to traditional gas or electric heating. Additional features such as inverter technology and the use of low environmental impact refrigerants can further reduce the energy consumption of air conditioning units with the multi split or multi+ system. When choosing a new home climate control system, efficiency and long-term costs should play an important role in your decision, so consider units that have at least an A++ efficiency rating.

Multi systems are flexible

A multi can meet your entire home’s heating, cooling and hot water needs giving you year-round, all-in-one comfort. Plus, being able to connect multiple air conditioning units gives you a good degree of flexibility to place units wherever needed, choosing a different model or style for each room if your wish. Providing they are all in either heating or cooling mode, the individual temperature of each unit can be controlled independently, so you can set it differently for each location.  

Multi systems are easy to install and maintain

Compared to the installation of a low-temperature air-to-water heat pump with various emitters, a multi system is relatively easy and quick to put into your home. Just one outdoor unit needs to be fitted which is then connected by electrical cables and copper piping to each of the indoor units. Air conditioner cleaning is also a simple, straightforward process that can easily be done yourself. It is recommended to clean the filters at least 4 times a year to keep your system healthy and operating at optimal efficiency. A regular professional service is also recommended to keep your system in top condition.

 Multi systems are space saving and quiet

A multi system is a great option, if you want to invest in multiple air conditioners and your outside space is either limited or you would rather keep it as uncluttered as possible. Since you only need a spot for one outdoor unit, it can easily fit on a balcony, terrace, roof top or in a small garden and doesn’t take anything away from your living space. Having just one outdoor unit, rather than several, also limits noise minimising any disruption to either your comfort or your neighbours.

If you are looking for an affordable option to replace or supplement your current heating system, then a multi system is a great, economical and efficient option. The many practical features and functions cover all your heating, cooling and hot water requirements.

To find out how Daikin can help with your home heating and cooling solutions, visit the Daikin Home Solution hub.


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