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How air conditioner cleaning and servicing can help keep your energy bills low

It’s a fact that average annual temperatures are increasing across Europe, resulting in more people using air conditioners in their home to help beat the heat. As we head towards summer, it can be a huge benefit to get that all important air conditioner cleaning and servicing done now, to help combat both rising heat and rising energy costs.

The fight against rising energy costs

The surge in energy prices being seen throughout Europe may be out of your hands, but you can control how much energy you use to run your air conditioner.

This doesn’t mean restricting how often you use your air conditioner; it means learning how to keep your air conditioner running efficiently. The key here is regular maintenance. Modern air conditioners are designed to make optimal use of energy while keeping CO2 emissions low, but for them to work most effectively it is important that you undergo a regular AC cleaning regime, along with a planned service schedule, so that it is always working optimally, but keeping your energy bills low.


How can air conditioner cleaning and maintenance help keep energy bills low and avoid breakdowns?

Imagine for a moment that you have a broom. You’ve used your broom a lot and now it’s full of dust and dirt. You’ve noticed that sweeping up has become more difficult and you are having to put in a lot more effort to get your broom to be effective. You may find that you’ve bent some of the bristles because of the extra force you’re using and if you keep going this way it, the continuous pressure you’re putting on your broom could result in a broken handle and then it can no longer be used.

Of course, replacing a broom handle or even the entire broom is not a huge expense, but imagine that broom is your air conditioner. That extra effort you’re putting in is the extra energy your air conditioner is using to keep working and consequently increasing your electricity bill. If you keep running it at this high capacity, an eventual breakdown will take time and a significant amount of money to fix.

Preventive maintenance of your air conditioner is the best thing you can do to keep running costs down, prevent expensive repairs and ensure the ongoing reliability of your air conditioning unit. Over the long term, regular check-ups are far more cost effective than ad hoc servicing. 


Why is AC cleaning so important?

Clean air conditioner filters are essential for a clear flow of air. If dust and particles of dirt are trapped in the filters of your air conditioner it has to work harder to draw in warm air and cool your home. This means using more energy and yes, a higher bill for you. A clean filter means your air conditioner will cool your room more effectively, run more quietly and produce higher air quality. Without regular air conditioner cleaning, your equipment will have to work harder to achieve the same result.

How often should you clean your filters?

There is no ‘one fits all’ answer to this as it depends on various factors such as where you live, the number of people in your home and whether you have pets. Dakin recommends 4 times a year for air filters and at the beginning of winter and summer for the deodorising filters. Once you begin a regular cleaning regime you will be able to see how much dust is collecting in the filters and over time you can adjust your air conditioner cleaning schedule accordingly.

Air conditioner maintenance you can do yourself

As one of the simplest, and perhaps most critical forms of preventive maintenance, air conditioner cleaning is something you can do yourself to keep your system healthy.

 How do you clean your air conditioner filters?

Cleaning the air conditioner filter is a relatively easy task and takes just a small investment of time and effort with a potentially large reward.

Most air conditioner units are made with accessible air filters and deodorising filters that can be easily removed. The process can be completed by following these 6 steps:

1. Turn off your AC unit

2. Lift the outer panel of the AC unit to access the filters.

3. Carefully unclip and remove the air filters.

4. Unhook or slide out the deodorising filter panels.

5. There are two options for cleaning the filters. Either gently brush them using a suitable attachment on your vacuum cleaner or wash them with warm water and a mild detergent.

6. Once they are fully air dried, away from direct sunlight, reinstall the clean air conditioner filters into the unit.

7. Finally, wipe over the outside of your closed air conditioner with a clean soft cloth.


More ways you can improve the efficiency of your air conditioner

A properly maintained air conditioner will be better at keeping the air in your home at a set temperature and dispersing it evenly. Here are some other simple tips to ensure your air conditioner runs efficiently:

  • Make sure there is always a flow of air around your air conditioner, both inside and outside. Check that nothing is blocking the unit.
  • Make sure the airflow and direction are set appropriately.
  • Make sure windows and doors are kept closed.
  • Set your air conditioner to an appropriate temperature.
  • Check regularly for any leaks or changes in airflow.

Professional air conditioner servicing

As with any sophisticated piece of equipment there are some things that should always be done by a qualified technician.

Daikin has 3 levels of servicing packages to choose from. The basic Care option includes a thorough inspection of your system and ensures it meets all current legislation requirements. The Preventive Care and Exclusive Care options include many more preventive maintenance features and professional filter cleaning. Regular air conditioner servicing should form part of your ongoing maintenance to ensure your unit continues to run optimally. 

Stand By Me

Stand By Me from Daikin is a unique aftersales care platform which makes it easy to schedule your ongoing air conditioner servicing and will give you peace of mind by providing reliable and professional support. The Stand By Me system can send you and your service partner automatic reminders to schedule a maintenance visit and is a one stop place to access your full maintenance history and details of your air conditioning products.

Read more here to learn about all the benefits you can receive by registering with Stand By Me.

Taking a proactive approach to maintenance by regularly cleaning and servicing your air conditioner makes good economic sense in the long run, as it will continue to give you great performance for many years.

All Daikin customers can register with Stand by Me, so, if you have not already received a registration email and accessed the Stand By Me platform, contact your Daikin Home Comfort Expert to request assistance.






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