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Variable Refrigerant Temperature

The greatest innovation since the inverter compressor

Following the success of our inverter compressor, we continue to be at the forefront of energy efficiency in the HVAC-R industry with our Variable Refrigerant Temperature technology. Designed for our VRV and Sky Air systems, Variable Refrigerant Temperature continuously adjusts both the inverter compressor speed and refrigerant temperature in cooling and heating, allowing our systems to meet the building load with the highest levels of seasonal efficiency at all times.

The key benefits of Variable Refrigerant Temperature

  • Seasonal efficiency is increased by 28%
  • The first weather accommodation control on the market
  • Prevents cold draughts with higher outblow temperatures to guarantee customer satisfaction and comfort

How does it work?

Variable Refrigerant Temperature automatically adjusts your system to meet individual building and climate requirements, while significantly cutting energy costs and improving comfort. To achieve the highest levels of seasonal efficiency, the system's capacity is controlled via the inverter compressor and by varying the evaporating (Te) and condensing (Tc) temperature of the refrigerant.

Proven technology

To measure the success of the Variable Refrigerant Temperature, we conducted a study comparing the performance of the VRV IV (with Variable Refrigerant Temperature) to the VRV III (without Variable Refrigerant Temperature). The results of the study indicate the VRV IV was drastically more efficient than the VRV III. During cooling, the VRV IV consumed up to 60% less energy, while the average energy savings during heating was at 20%.

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