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Food maturing & seasoning

Drying, maturing & air conditioning units for ham/salami & cheese seasoning

The art of ageing cured meats and cheeses is rooted in very ancient traditions. We can reproduce these traditions in observance of the excellent conditions of drying, maturation and ageing.

  • Our experience in these specific sectors enables us to manufacture ideal plants for the maturation of the products through the careful control of temperature, relative humidity and air distribution, in order to keep the organoleptic qualities during all the phases of the production process.
  • The refrigeration plants designed for dairy products reproduce the ideal environment for the maturation and ageing of all types of cheeses (fresh, blue-veined, goat, Pecorino and parmesan) controlling any moulds, bacterial loads, loss of weight and avoiding any defective products.


  • Commercial Seasoning Units

    Drying, seasoning and storing solutions for cured meat (ham, salami, etc.) and cheese
  • Industrial Seasoning Units

    Units for industrial meat & cheese drying, seasoning and storing

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