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Why be too hot or too cold, when you can be just right?

Air-conditioners made to make you smile.

There comes a time in most parents’ lives where their children have grown up and start having families of their own and for most this is the long-awaited time where you can finally sit back and enjoy your home. However, in most cases this new enjoyment also comes with the realisation that it’s time for an upgrade.

As we get older, having guaranteed comfort in our home becomes one of our top priorities. Even more so now, as the temperatures we are in and the air we breathe have a big impact on our health. Therefore, it’s only natural that with the new sofa or mattress your upgrade includes a new approach to your air-conditioning and air purification habits.   

Making the right choice of a home air conditioning solution can put you in control and make a real difference to your comfort, your health, household bills, plus ensure that your home is ready to receive the long-awaited grandchildren. Leaving you free.. to smile.

The importance of getting it ‘Just Right’

We all enjoy the return of warmer weather but know that too much heat is uncomfortable. Everyone is familiar with how increasingly hot summers make you feel unwell but for some this is much more common. As we get older and move around less, our metabolism and circulation are slower to adjust to temperature fluctuations.

In winter, what feels like the perfect temperature to some, can be like living in a refrigerator to others and this becomes even more important when we have different ‘age-groups’ staying over.

Much like the story of Goldilocks, it’s recommended that a temperature around 20-23˚C is the ideal “not too hot or too cold”. Much higher, and you will be breathing dry, hot air, which can promote bacteria growth and lead to headaches and respiratory problems. Too low and there is a risk of low blood pressure, hypothermia and other chilly complications. Excessive humidity impacts all ages and can also lead to damp and mould which also affect breathing.

Fitting an all-in-one home air conditioning unit is the best and most economical solution to meet your family’s year-round comfort needs, giving you the freedom to regulate your indoor climate to suit your personal and household circumstances.

Making a smart investment for comfort that lasts

Daikin’s Perfera floor standing unit offers a state-of-the-art solution which will keep you cool even in the hottest days of 2021 and cosy warm in the winter months to come. Its modern design and slimline profile blends in with any interior to offer a discreet solution that is both easy to use and easy to install.

Perfera Mobile and Voice Control  

Daikin’s smart controller allows the system to be adjusted from anywhere via a downloadable app to ensure your total comfort, making it easy to programme and adjust to fit your lifestyle, and also responds to voice control through Amazon Alexa.

Perfera Air Purification

More than a cooling and heating solution, Perfera is also an effective air purifier, incorporating Daikin’s signature Flash Streamer technology to provide the best indoor air quality removing airborne particles, pollen and fungal allergens, while also removing odours and leaving you with clean, fresh air.

Perfera is energy efficient and cost effective

Incorporating energy-saving technology, the unit is designed for those who are concerned about their environmental footprint and can help make summer energy bills less of a surprise. Powered by 80% renewable energy and 20% electricity, Perfera uses inverter technology to adjust motor speed which reduces energy consumption by up to 30%. It also features an economy mode setting as well as a standby option lowering power consumption by up 80% when selected.

Perfera Heating

Since it’s never too early to think about the winter, Perfera’s smart functionality can automatically switching between cooling and heating to meet your preferred pre-set temperatures 14% faster than a regular air conditioner.

It also comes with a variety of heat optimised features, such as the ‘cosy heat’ setting that simulates the effect of radiant heating for extra comfort as the nights draw in. Heat convection distributes warm air from the bottom of the appliance to keep extremities comfortable, restoring whole body warmth quickly, ensuring your climate needs are covered, year round.

Create the perfect climate in your home for your health and happiness with Daikin Perfera. For product information visit our website or to purchase contact your local supplier.



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