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“Just how you like it” – New Daikin brand campaign revolves around total solutions for ultimate home comfort

Press release, July  2023

With the new brand campaign "Just how you like it", Daikin considers people’s individual home comfort needs in terms of heating, cooling, healthy indoor air and hot water supply. After almost a century in the HVAC-R market, the brand is now further solidifying its position, not only in the realm of commercial and industrial applications but also as total solutions provider for every home and building.

Vienna, July 2023 – Today, Daikin is widely known for high-quality air conditioners. However, its extensive product range has long expanded beyond that and includes energy-efficient heat pumps, ventilation systems, air purifiers helpful for allergy sufferers, and various other home comfort solutions. Furthermore, Daikin's commitment to low-carbon heating and cooling systems can contribute towards the global shift to eco-friendly practices in every household and business.

just how you like it


Daniel Kobelt, Marketing Manager at Daikin Central Europe, emphasized the importance of the new brand direction with regards to the campaign launch in the CE region: "Daikin has been manufacturing innovative solutions for the HVAC-R industry for almost a century. As a total solutions provider we offer a comprehensive portfolio and can cater to any customer's unique needs in terms of home comfort, be it for cooling, heating, air purification, or hot water supply. We want to make it known that with Daikin every home can be shaped just how you like it."

To assist with the launch of the new campaign, Daikin Central Europe partnered with Positive Adamsky, a renowned agency, based in Budapest, known for their effective marketing campaigns. The collaboration resulted in the development of the Just how you like it campaign, designed to highlight Daikin’s strong commitment to customer satisfaction and high-quality solutions, produced in Europe with Japanese excellence.


Marton Nagy, Director of Positive Adamsky, expressed enthusiasm about working with Daikin Central Europe on this project, stating: "Daikin is a globally recognized and trusted brand in the HVAC-R industry. We are honored to be part of their journey as they expand their brand reputation as a total solutions provider in the CE region.” Positive Adamsky will also be leading the launch of the campaign to the Hungarian market.


Perfect fit – Just how you like it

The Just how you like it campaign strongly connects with consumers on a personal level, emphasizing the importance of individual preferences and comfort in the home environment. Daikin aims to bring the message across that the market leaders extensive range allows to find individual solution for any specific needs, ensuring that heating, cooling, hot water supply, and indoor air quality in everyone’s home can be "just how you like it" by combining design, flexibility and high energy efficiency of systems with perfect home comfort.

The multimedia advertising campaign will be rolled out across Central European markets on various channels such as online, social media, OOH and print. Through these initiatives, Daikin aims to raise awareness about their expanded range of offerings and establish themselves as the go-to choice for all home comfort solutions – be it for small flats, big apartments, single- or multi-family houses.



Total solutions offering

Daikin designs, manufactures, and brings to market a broad portfolio of products, maintenance services as well as turnkey solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial purposes providing the necessary flexibility and customization to meet the unique requirements of each customer.

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Photo copyrights: Daikin Central Europe


Credits multi-market brand campaign “Just how you like it”

Company: Daikin Airconditioning Central Europe Handelsgmbh, Vienna, Austria
Marketing Manager Daikin Central Europe: Daniel Kobelt, Vienna, Austria
Region: Central and Eastern Europe
Advertising agency: Positive Adamsky by Hinora Group, Budapest, Hungary
Creative Managing Partner: Márton Nagy


Daikin Airconditioning Central Europe

Daikin Airconditioning Central Europe was founded in 1999 with headquarters in Vienna, Austria, as a subsidiary of Daikin Europe N.V. The company's portfolio comprises products and solutions for heating, cooling, ventilation, air purification and refrigeration. More than 700 employees and 2,500 partners are responsible for sales and service activities in 16 countries in Central and Eastern Europe (Austria, Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Kosovo, Montenegro, Moldova, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia). With Your Daikin World at the Vienna headquarters, the HVAC-R industry and the construction sector have access to a modern experience center for co-creating tailor-made solutions for hotels, retail, offices, and large commercial applications. It also includes one out of nine training centers in the region of Daikin Central Europe.

Media contact

Daikin Airconditioning Central Europe HandelsgmbH

Lemböckgasse 59/1/1

1230 Vienna, Austria


Doris Passler
Corporate Communications Manager  Daikin Central Europe

T.: +43 664 24 56 444



Daniel Kobelt

Marketing Manager Daikin Centrale Europe

T.: +43 664 886 948 94



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