Oil condensing boilers

Oil condensing boilers

Daikin Altherma C Oil provide you with reliable and energy-efficient heating.

Oil boilers heating


Developed with our patented TWINTEC technology and spherical body, our oil condensing boiler is easy to maintain and heats your home efficiently.

Oil boilers hot water

Hot water

Connect your oil boiler with its dedicated domestic hot water tank Daikin Altherma C tank or with Daikin Altherma ST thermal store relying on the energy from the sun.

Innovative design

Innovative design Oil condensing boilers

High efficiency oil boilers

The future of oil heating is in bio solutions, and our ROTEX oil boilers are bio-oil ready, which means that they are engineered to accommodate bio-oil or fuel with biogenic constituents.

Combine your oil condensing boiler with solar support to increase your hot water savings.

High efficiency oil boilers ready for Bio Oil
Hot water savings with solar energy

Hot water savings with solar energy

Reduce your energy costs by taking advantage of the sun's renewable energy. Our solar panels are easy to install and produce up to 70% of the energy your hot water boiler needs. Equally available for all building types, our solar hot water systems accommodate small and large homes. Choose between a pressureless or pressurised hot water system.

Pressureless thermal hot water system

Pressureless thermal hot water system
  • Ideal for new homes
  • Higher energy performance than pressurised systems
  • Requires a direct vertical connection from the tank to the solar collectors
  • If there is no sun, the system automatically drains to prevent frozen pipes

Pressurised solar powered system

Pressurised solar powered system
  • Ideal for renovations and existing homes
  • Possibility to use curved piping to connect the tank to the solar collectors
  • Filled with water and antifreeze to prevent frozen pipes
  • The system is pressurised and sealed for your safety

Easy and affordable installation

With few parts to assemble and easy installation, our oil condensing boilers are ideal for renovations and replacing old oil boilers. Each compact boiler integrates seamlessly with your existing piping and radiators.

 Easy and affordable installation

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