Prague, Czech Republic

C&A interior

As one of the largest shopping malls in the Czech Republic, Nový Smíchov has a retail space measuring about 60,000m2, including a 16,000m2 store for German fashion retailer C&A. Looking to renovate its entire HVAC system, the C&A store wanted to achieve year-round comfort in the most cost-effective and efficient way.

Year-round comfort

The store chose to install our VRV-W system and link it to the shopping mall's water loop system. We chose to install 4 water-cooled VRV outdoor units connected to 20 indoor units, 18 of which were auto-cleaning round flow cassettes to provide heating and cooling for the store. 3 more VRV-W units were also linked to an air handling unit to deliver fresh, pure air.

The system is centrally controlled by a touch screen control and our retail economiser adapter automatically optimises the efficiency of the system in pre and post opening hours.

VRV-W system

Auto-cleaning makes a difference

The unique round flow cassettes' auto-cleaning feature was the main reason to choose our VRV-W system. Ideal for busy shops, the round flow cassettes' regular auto-cleaning prevents dust from accumulating in the unit's filters to improve the unit's energy efficiency, reduce its running costs and create a more comfortable environment. Dust is easily removed every few months using a vacuum cleaner. 

Solution at a glance

Solution at a glance C&A
  • 1 intelligent touch controller
  • 1 RTD-20 retail economiser adapter
  • 2 fully flat ceiling cassettes: FXZQ25A
  • 7 VRV IV W-series outdoor units: RWEYQ10P
  • 18 auto-cleaning round flow cassettes: FXFQ32A and FXFQ25A

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Sustainability is at the forefront of Velocity's design. Each element of the design has been carefully considered to ensure an EPC rating of "B" and an "Excellent" BREEAM rating has been achieved.


Leon's restaurant

M&E contractor, Synecore, installed its first ‘invisible’ HVAC system, the Daikin VRV IV i-Series at Leon Restaurant, central London, to overcome tight space restrictions and achieve maximum climate control efficiency.



Looking to renovate its entire HVAC system, the C&A store wanted to achieve year-round comfort in the most cost-effective and efficient way.


Venetian Arsenal

An innovative climate control system that taps into the natural energy of the Venetian Lagoon is delivering high levels of comfort and energy efficiencies while preserving an historic industrial building in the heart of Venice.


Coral betting office

Discover how our auto-cleaning roundflow cassettes achieved 50% more energy savings for Coral betting offices.



When high-end clothing retailer K-Way opened a new store in Covet Garden, London, we worked with nation-wide D1 contractor Royale to devise and install the perfect energy-efficient solution for the property.



For this project, we chose to install an outdoor system that connects to a variety of indoor and ventilation units strategically placed in the shop.


The Post Hotel

As climate control specialists, we chose our VRV system for the Post Hotel Ghent for its combination of energy-efficient technology and ability to provide more comfort.


Van der Valk Hotel

From the lobby to the guest rooms to the kitchen, every space in the Van der Valk Hotel has its own unique climate needs. Our goal was to develop an integrated system to meet the needs of each of these locations and lower the total environmental impact of the system.


Hotel Santos Porta Fira

The Santos Group, the organisation in charge of building Porta Fira, selected Daikin as a trusted partner to deliver a unique, reliable and energy-efficient climate control system for the building.


Crédit Agricole

Known as "the green bank" due to its agricultural history, Crédit Agricole wanted an energy efficient and low maintenance air conditioning solution for one of its branches.


Holcim cement plant

The Holcim cement plant relies on state-of-the-art technology to achieve its ambitious environmental and energy-efficiency goals.



As a discount retailer, cost has been a major factor in the choice of HVAC systems for Action, who sought an HVAC supplier that could also give HVAC design and support and offer local coordination in each expansion country.



In its ongoing search to optimise running costs, JBC conducted a site trial with Daikin designed to evaluate the gains generated by Variable Refrigerant Temperature (VRT) technology.


Pomme d'Or Hotel

Air conditioning has become the norm in most new and refurbished hotels. Today’s systems keep guests cool during summer – and additionally provide cost-efficient heating during winter periods. Daikin heat pumps use renewable energy to do this, cutting hotel operating costs. And there’s also a positive impact on indoor aesthetics.


Naturkost Brinkman

Organic specialist retailer Naturkost Brinkman uses Daikin retail refrigeration to deliver improved energy efficiency and in-store comfort.


City Centre Hotel

Chiller change boosts comfort at central London hotel.


Samrya 44

With 44 floors of elegantly-designed luxury suites, Samrya 44 adheres only to the highest standards in construction and HVAC.


Action reclaimed refrigerant allocation

Action intensifies its partnership with Daikin for this new ground breaking project: reclaiming refrigerant from its refurbished stores and reusing it.


Courtyard Hotel Paris

The Courtyard conversion marks a successful collaboration between forward- looking urban regeneration and Daikin’s flexible, future-proof VRV heat recovery technology.


Prezzemolo & Vitale - Palermo

For the new Prezzemolo & Vitale store in the historical centre of Palermo, a system was installed consisting of Daikin Zeas and VRV units.

ZOME Office refurbishment Portugal.png


The hubs from ZOME are modern and agile spaces to offer a personalised experience to customers.

VRV-5 S-series installation Villa del Padro.png

Office refurbishment in Madrid, Spain

Daikin’s VRV 5 S-Series provided the ideal solution for a refurbishment project of a semi-detached villa in Madrid

Residential application with home office.png

Residential property with home office

Building a new residence with an all-round climate control solution


Conversion of an old R-22 system

Conversion of an old R-22 system to a VRV 5 S-series with R32 refrigerant

header training center.png

Training Centre Belgium

Daikin sought a future-proof low energy HVAC solution for its new Training Centre located in Ghent.


Hoteles Santos • Las Arenas

The Daikin VRV replacement system was the perfect solution for a system upgrade to reduce the energy consumption while keeping the hotel business uninterrupted.


Merlin Properties

As part of a business center in Madrid, this office complex was upgraded to a more efficient solution, while keeping investment costs under control.


Hotel St. Annen

Located in a quiet residential street in central Hamburg, the Hotel St Annen creates a warm and welcoming ambience for visitors in modern surroundings.


Perial Asset Management


Sound enclosure case study in Flassy

The acoustic effectiveness of Daikin’s new Sound Enclosure for its Sky Air and VRV 5 outdoor units has been validated by field trials undertaken at a residential installation in Burgundy, France, showing significant sound reductions equal to and even exceeding factory test room values.


Cha No Ma

Air purification with advanced streamer technology complements Daikin’s environmentally friendly R-32 systems to create a comfortable and healthy café experience.


Hotel Reina del Mar

Hotel Group HVD sought a total climate control solution for its first ever luxury beach complex on Bulgaria’s Black Sea Coast.


BIPA Croatia

Daikin has become BIPA’s HVAC supplier of choice in Croatia, providing tailored VRV solutions that not only meet heating and cooling demands in its shops but also save energy and reduce running costs.


Billa Palaca

Daikin’s compact and quiet Conveni-Pack and Zeas refrigeration systems proved to be the ideal solution for a supermarket constructed within several buildings of a Fourth Century Roman palace in Split.


Vodafone store

The ability to react quickly to rapid changes in demand, plus its quiet operation, was key to Vodafone choosing a VRV IV climate control system for its new retail outlet in Gyula.



Daikin’s Conveni-pack and Zeas units are using heat recovery to provide energy-efficient refrigeration and climate control for a Spar supermarket in Budapest.


Szeged Nova

VRV IV’s Variable Refrigerant Temperature technology, as well as the ability to control individual building zones, is allowing retailers in this large shopping mall in Szeged to achieve optimal comfort in their stores.



Customers and staff in DM’s Vösendorf superstore are comfortable all year round, thanks to a highly efficient climate control system.


McDonald’s Rotor

McDonald’s Rotor restaurant, in south west Zagreb, is benefitting from a range of Daikin systems that are meeting all its heating, cooling and refrigeration needs.


Business Building One

VRV with heat recovery is keeping offices warm and comfortable, even on the coldest days of winter.


Spectator office building

VRV heat recovery delivers energy-efficient comfort all year round.


Centar Bundek

Residents, staff, shoppers and students are comfortable all year round, thanks to Daikin’s integrated climate control solution.


Arena Centar

Water loop-based HVAC is helping keep customers and staff comfortable all year round at Arena Centar.


Galerija Sjever

Conveni-Pack and VRV IV help keep customers and staff comfortable all year round at Galerija Sjever.


VMD Business Centre Tower B

Workers comfortably cooled during summer thanks to whole-building climate control from Daikin.



Highly efficient VRV IV systems are keeping customers at the Supernova retail park comfortable all year round.


Ban Centar

A wide range of Daikin units is providing climate control for a high profile mixed-use development in central Zagreb.


Vindija Trgovina

Daikin’s Conveni-pack is using heat recovered from refrigeration to provide efficient climate control in a new supermarket in Varaždin.


Oris House of Architecture

Visitors, diners and staff are comfortable all year round thanks to a VRV’s flexible climate control.



Customers and staff are being kept comfortable all year round, efficiently and economically, by a VRV system linked with self-cleaning indoor units.



Customers in DM’s Čáslav store are comfortable all year round, thanks to a highly efficient climate control system.


Takko store

Takko customers are benefiting from a welcoming shopping environment, thanks to intelligent climate control.


Hotel Kingscourt

Guests at the Hotel Kingscourt are enjoying their stay, whatever the time of year, thanks to a highly efficient climate control system.


BEA campus

VRV is helping tenants improve their energy efficiency, lower carbon emissions and save on energy bills.



FEI’s sensitive manufacturing process is kept vibration- and noise-free, thanks to an innovative HVAC solution from Daikin.



The store is kept comfortable all year round, efficiently and economically, by a water-cooled VRV system linked with self-cleaning indoor units.


VTP Roztoky

Daikin VRV heat recovery delivers an integrated, whole building HVAC solution.


Roztoky Science Park

VRV heat recovery is providing energy-efficient, reliable and flexible climate control in the Roztoky Science Park.


A Chiller Solution For A Complex Of Office Buildings

Daikin has recently provided its chiller solutions for an office building project in Krakow, Poland.


Daikin's AHU solutions for an interesting HVAC project

Daikin has recently provided its AHU solutions for an interesting HVAC project, which have been executed in Lanheses, Portugal.


Turkmenistan Success Story

Daikin has recently provided it’s a complete HVAC solution for a mixed-use complex, which will be the largest shopping and entertainment center in Aşgabat, the capital of Turkmenistan.


Desco showroom

Daikin’s ‘plug and play’ rooftop system offers sustainable year-round climate control solution for customer showroom


High energy efficiency for comfort cooling in Middle East conditions

Daikin has recently supplied chillers to provide comfort cooling in Middle East conditions in a project involving a four stars hotel in the city of Riyadh, in Saudi Arabia.


A high efficiency solution for a residential building

This residential project was executed in the context of the renovation of a residential building, which had energy efficiency as a main aspect.


customised air conditioning for shopping centre

Read about a complete solution by Daikin for the Intro Bergheim shopping centre with 22 retail units in the centre of Bergheim near Cologne

© Heinzinger Produktionshalle-min.jpg

chillers with R-32 refrigerant at Heinzinger electronic

An air-cooled chiller from Daikin with a scroll compressor and an output of 200 kW is used, which for the first time works with the climate-friendly refrigerant R-32 and is characterised by optimal operating behaviour and high energy efficiency.


Warm pool water through heat recovery

State-of-the-art Daikin integrated heat recovery technology saves a significant amount of energy and heats the water in the hotel's pool.


CBA Eko Market

Daikin systems provide ’invisible’ climate and temperature control for city supermarket.